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360° Asset Management and Geo-IT

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Knowing What’s Where…

For the development of  IT solutions for power grid operators, public clients and asset-intensive industries, our subsidiary CAIGOS GmbH is your competent partner for the digitalization of your tasks and processes, offering a variety of solutions: for instance, the 360° Asset Management product suite or CAIGOS GIS.

CAIGOS helps customers to make corporate and administrative processes more efficient, transparent and comprehensible by providing smart solutions for Geo-IT and Asset Management and their integration into the customer’s IT infrastructure.

360° Asset Management

Simple. Rapid initial success. Flexible. Ultra-modern web technology.

Our claim is based on solid facts: in numerous projects of all sizes, we have assisted our customers in securing ROI, improving their competitive position and operating their infrastructures securely and in compliance with regulations. The market increasingly demands ideas, concepts and their implementation from one source. This is because some relationships and synergies become apparent only when viewed from different angles – thus, the 360° view is easily implemented, achieving rapid success.

The 360° Asset Management is a modern web-based software solution for the optimization, standardization and comprehensive mapping of all service, maintenance and operational processes of systems and infrastructures. It supports the owners, operators and service providers in the efficient and safe operation of their installations and networks over their entire life cycle.

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 Everything begins with a map – and the question how to reach our goal.

An essential condition for success is to know where we stand and where we want to go. Efficient IT tools and carefully planned processes, as well as the opportunities offered by digitalization help us to achieve this goal.

The Geo-IT solutions from CAIGOS and the corresponding industry-specific applications have been established on the national and international market for more than 30 years. More than 1,200 customers have already given their vote of confidence to Geo-IT applications from CAIGOS GmbH. Over the years, more than 60 customer-specific applications  which support the specific industrial data models. Our solutions can be easily adapted for other fields of application, thereby offering a high degree of flexibility for the further digitalization of the customers’ processes.

For more information on the Geo-IT products from CAIGOS GmbH, please visit the CAIGOS website.