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The ACOS 7 Series

RTUs for all Kinds of Application

High-performance devices and systems which meet all requirements of the supply industry – this is the ACOS 7 series. Here, the focus is both on easy and efficient engineering and on investment security.

Moreover, the RTUs from the ACOS 7 series fulfil the highest IT security demands.
Your benefit: We offer different designs with uniform communication based on a consistent software platform.

ACOS 730

ACOS 730 is a flexible RTU for small-size telecontrol applications. The new ACOS 730 RTU is not only the latest member of the ACOS 7 product family but also one of the most compact RTUs currently available on the market. Its power and performance is hard to beat.

Small but powerful
ACOS 730
is small in size – but big when it comes to its scope of functions:

  • A genius in communication: Communication via IEC 60870/61850, Modbus DNP3
  • IT security: for introduction of an ISMS or certification acc. to ISO 27019
  • Cryptographic encryption methods
  • Simple and efficient engineering with ACOS ET
  • Can be expanded as follows:
    • I/O modules
    • Power metering system (MS33C)
    • Communication module (2G/4G)

From Smart Grid Controller in Local Transformer Station…
ACOS 730 was specially developed for small-scale telecontrol applications, e.g. as a Smart Grid controller for intelligent control of intelligent control of local transformer stations, street lighting control  or as control and monitoring unit in pipeline networks.

…to Expanded Control Box
Within the digitalization of the energy turnaround, ACOS 730 is also suitable as an expanded control box for large-size power generation plants. As of 2020 at the latest, grid operators face the following challenge: When it comes to power generation, they may only intervene in grid processes via the Smart Meter Gateway (SMGW). Control boxes are connected via the CLS-(Controllable-Local-System-) interface of the SMGW.

ACOS 750

With the ACOS 750  RTU, VIVAVIS offers a powerful system for highest demands. ACOS 750 has a modular structure and can be scaled according to individual requirements. For this purpose, VIVAVIS offers long-range power supply units, powerful CPU modules and a wide range of I/O and communication modules. These items can be set up both centrally and decentrally on the basis of EtherCAT® technology.

Automation and Telecontrol
ACOS 750 units powerful automation and sturdy telecontrol features in one single RTU. The integrated PLC on a CODESYS® V3 basis enables users to implement complex automation and programming tasks according to IEC 61131-3.

Added Value

  • Flexible & compact: Modular structure, scalable and expandable
  • Easy, quick and secure parameterization With ACOS ET
  • logic functions: acc. To IEC 61131-3 with CODESYS® V3
  • SD card: enables easy and user-friendly parameterization
  • Multi-LAN: enables the creation of separate IP networks, e.g. for connection to direct sellers and grid operators
  • Secure: supports IPSec, OpenVPN or IEC 62351-3 (TLS) encryption standards
  • Sturdy: For temperature ranges from -20°C to +70°C
  • Web interface: extensive diagnostic function


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