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Energy Management with Efficio

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Modular Energy Management with Efficio

Efficio is one of the leading software solutions for energy management and even the basic version covers all the requirements of a professional energy management system. For even higher requirements, Efficio includes a range of modules that significantly support the certification process according to ISO 50001 or EMAS and ensure customized energy reporting.

Function Modules

A wide range of function modules ensure maximum flexibility:

  • Energy & Environment module
  • Sankey graphs
  • Flexreports
  • Status analysis
  • Energy Performance Indicators (EnPI)
  • Flowcharts
  • Heatmap
  • Efficio Tour App

Added Value

Every company unit has different requirements with respect to energy management.

Energy officers, for instance, must ensure sustainable energy optimization and increase energy efficiency through energy performance indicators (EnPI); the Controlling department must determine exact energy costs and distribute energy consumption data to cost centres, while production and maintenance must monitor key production figures, detect anomalies such as leaks, and enhance savings potentials.

For all these purposes, Efficio provides powerful and efficient modules. Efficio complies with the requirements according to ISO 50001:2018 and has been approved by BAFA as eligible energy management system.


Within the VIVAVIS group of companies, Berg GmbH, as innovation leader, ensures that energy management solutions are individually tailored to meet your requirements.

A successful system is characterized by the fact that it is used by as many energy officers and energy technicians in the company as possible on a daily basis. Therefore, it should be optimally integrated into the organization and processes without requiring additional expenditure.

Get in touch with the experts at Berg for detailed advice on subsidies and financing options, for an overview of our accurate metering and communication technology as well as our industrial EFFICIO software solution for energy cost transparency.

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