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Load Management with Optimo

Smart Load Management with Optimo

If your annual energy consumption  exceeds 100,000 kWh  and the average power consumption on your electricity bill is at least 250 kW, it is well worth switching to an Optimo load management system.

OPTIMO load management actively lowers energy costs by reducing grid feeds and at the same time guarantees that operators are free to decide on their own intensity of energy use.

The web-based process visualization and parameterization function provides perfect support through object-oriented programming and intuitive user interfaces.


If you wish to reduce power peaks, switch to atypical grid usage or want to market flexible control power, Optimo adjusts the power consumption of all connected power consumers and in-house generation systems to a setpoint profile in real time.

OPTIMO prevents spontaneously occurring power peaks during peak load periods by continuously comparing the operational power requirement with the tariff-related power limits.

Thanks to OPTIMO, the complex maintenance of these regionally and seasonally different and annually redefined periods of reference power limitation can be easily managed.

Added Value

Peak Shaving according to STROMNEV §17

  • Creation of trend forecasts of power consumption
  • Continual adjustment of peak loads to setpoints
  • Shifting of peak loads to periods with low energy consumption
  • Exploitation of savings potentials between 10 – 25% of the grid fee.

Atypical Power Grid  Utilization according to STROMNEV §19 Clause 2 Sentence 1

  • Shifting of peak-load time slots to low-consumption periods
  • Intuitive administration of variable setpoints
  • Permanent incentive regulation thanks to integrated tariff calendar
  • Exploitation of savings potentials between 15 – 80% of the grid fee.

Power-intensive Grid  Utilization according to STROMNEV §19 Clause 2 Sentence 2

  • Almost complete reduction of grid feeds for power consumption of > 10 GWh
  • Remuneration through the provision of the tertiary reserve
  • Savings potential of 80 – 90% of the grid fee, graduated according to the number of hours of use:
    > 7,000h – reduction by 80%
    > 7,500h – reduction by 85%
    > 8,000h – reduction by 90%



Within the VIVAVIS group of companies, Berg GmbH, as innovation leader, ensures that load management solutions are individually tailored to meet your requirements.

A successful system is characterized by the fact that it is used by as many energy officers and energy technicians in the company as possible on a daily basis. Therefore, it should be optimally integrated into the organization and processes without requiring additional expenditure.

Get in touch with the experts at Berg for detailed advice on subsidies and financing options, for an overview of our accurate metering and communication technology as well as our industrial OPTIMO software solution for energy cost optimization.

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