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For safe installation, configuration and commissioning

IDSpecto.GWA - Future-proof administration of smart meter gateways

A high degree of automation, clarity and guided workflows – this is how IDSpecto.GWA provides gateway administrators with extensive support for their tasks in the context of installing, configuring and operating SMGWs in accordance with BSI- TR-3109 and the FNN processes. The application is tailored to the German energy market and features powerful and high-performance cryptography


A dashboard tailored to gateway administration for monitoring SMGWs and all processes

Automated or manual configuration of SMGWs

Automated and also manual import of tariff application forms (TAFs)

Support of the electronic delivery bill according to FNN

Extensive device management

Management of external market participants (EMT and aEMT)

Process interface to the EMT system

Wide range of certificate management functions

Your added value for metering point operation

ISO-27001 certified developement

Full integration into existing infrastructure enables automated end-to-end processes

Effectively managed processes guarantee the acquisition of all required parameters during manual operation

Interface via the EMT system for the connection of further systems relevant to the process in interaction with iMSys, such as ERP and workforce systems

Simplified certification thanks to systemic separation of GWA and EMT system

Client capability

Also available as SaaS or BPO solution in ISO 27001 certified data center

Customised support for every user group

Benefits for Metering Point Operators

  • Compliant implementation of all regulatory required iMSYs processes
  • Flexibility through support of all FNN/DKE compliant SMGWs
  • Efficiency through automated processes
  • Modern technology facilitates integration into system landscapes



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