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Automated meter reading with IDSpecto.collector

Our module for classic measured value acquisition

IDSpecto.collector provides classic AMR software. Several hundred device drivers guarantee that values of all kinds of meters, regardless of the medium, are not only recorded reliably, but also standardized and integrated into IDSpecto. Synergies are achieved as IDSpecto.collector completely integrates as central metering system into the overall system IDSpecto, thus providing optimum support of standardized interfaces for billing systems and jointly used market interfaces.


IDSpecto.collector has been developed for point-to-point reading. The module not only supports data acquisition from meters made by different manufacturers, but also considers the particular time zone of the meter’s location.

The features below support meter operation:

  • Reading and evaluation of meter readings, load profile data, meter reading sequences and measured value series.
  • Recording of status and logbook data
  • Modular driver concept OME (Open Meter Engine) enables retrofitting of existing systems with drivers at any time – quick and economical
  • Support of market compliant message exchange for electricity and gas (optional)
  • Audit-secure data repository and visualization

Added Value

  • Several hundred device drivers
  • Data is to 100% suitable for accounting
  • Verifiable and reliable archiving
  • Full flexibility with regard to communication technologies
  • Scalable to businesses of every size