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Administration of smart meter gateways (SMGW) with IDSpecto.GWA

Future-proof smart meter gateway administration

A high degree of automation, a well-structured interface and guided work flows, this is how IDSpecto.GWA supports the tasks of gateway administrators with regard to installation, configuration and operation of smart meter gateways. The module has been developed and designed for the German energy market and provides strong cryptography in compliance with technical guideline
TR-03109 (published by German Federal Office for Information Security).

IDSpecto.GWA is developed independently of EMP systems and certification is thus significantly easier and quicker.


The flexible concept of IDSpecto.GWA allows integration of different smart meter gateways (SMGW) compatible with the standards defined by German FNN/DKE. You may even integrate smart meter gateways that are not compliant with German DKE.

The features below support SMGW Admin:

  • Tailor-made dashboard for gateway administration to monitor smart meter gateways and all processes
  • Automated or manual configuration of smart meter gateways and even of CLS profiles
  • Automated or manual import of tariff use cases (German: TAF)
  • Support of electronic delivery note in accordance with German FNN
  • Extensive device management
  • Administration of external market partners (EMP) means being ready for star-shaped communication
  • Process interface to EMP system
  • Manifold functions for certificate management

Added Value

  • Development certified to ISO 27001
  • Full integration into existing infrastructure enables automated end-to-end processes
  • Guided processes guarantee recording of all parameters as stipulated in technical guideline TR-03109 (of German BSI) when operating manually
  • Interface provided by the EMP system to connect additional systems such as ERP or Workforce systems which are relevant for processes when interacting with smart metering systems (German: iMSys)
  • Simplified certification thanks to consequent separation of GWA and EMP systems
  • Multitenancy
  • Also available as SaaS or BPO solution hosted in our data centre certified to ISO 27001