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Reception of data sent by smart metering systems with IDSpecto.HES.SMGW

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Automated acquisition and processing of metered data for external market participants

Secure, comfortable and flexible – this is how IDSpecto.HES.SMGW forwards encrypted energy data provided by smart meter gateways in an automated way to meter operators with primary responsibility (gMSB), competitive meter operators (cMOs) or other authorized parties. The flexible concept supports certificate-based reception of data from manifold smart meter gateways (SMGW) of different manufacturers and thus provides maximum independence with regard to data reception.


The module represents the communication endpoint of smart meter gateways on the side of the external market participant (EMP). Strict separation of roles when receiving data is guaranteed by the multitenancy of IDSpecto. This ensures that data is only received, evaluated and examined by the role that has been authorized correspondingly.

Characteristics of IDSpecto.HES.SMGW:

  • Broad support of different SMGWs
  • High-performance cryptography in accordance with technical guideline TR-03109 (published by German Federal Office for Information Security)
  • Visualization of all processes required in accordance with Metering System 2020 by FNN
  • Support of electronic delivery note in accordance with German FNN
  • Process interface to smart meter gateway administration system

Added Value

  • Separation of GWA and EMT systems enables operation outside the certified area
  • Full integration into existing infrastructure enables automated end-to-end processes
  • Option to connect other systems relevant for processes related to smart metering systems such as ERP or workforce systems
  • Also available as SaaS or BPO solution hosted in our data centre certified to ISO 27001
  • Multitenancy – realization of different EMP roles such as (smart) meter operator with primary responsibility (i/gMSB), competitive meter operator (cMO), distribution system operator (DSO) and supplier (LF) in one single system