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Metered data exchange with IDSpecto.IDEX-DE

Transmit and dispute metered data on the German market

Fast and reliable –with IDSpecto.IDEX-DE you are not only able to transpose rules and regulations of market communication but also to allocate energy costs as well as quantities quick and properly even in case of increasing data volume. Fully automated processing of information facilitates your daily business and increases the efficiency of each market role.

IDSpecto.IDEX-DE supports metered data exchange in standardized market messages in accordance with rules and regulations published by the German Federal Network Agency (for GPKE, WiM, MPES, GeLi Gas, MaBiS and GABi Gas)


IDSpecto.IDEX-DE fully automates your metered data exchange thereby considering the particular contracts of the control point. Message exchange is organized in specific processes and guaranteed by integrated routing. Our solution is connected to automated market communication and offers integrated data acquisition as well as data storage and master data administration. Comparison with upstream and downstream systems is made fluently. Furthermore, IDSpecto.IDEX-DE deals with the complete metered value provision. Should your intervention be required, you will be informed and can take command at any time despite automation. Especially data provision to service providers is particularly helpful. You can prepare measured values for your customers and properly provide them to the market on time in the respective market role.

The features listed below help to achieve efficient market communication:

  • support of framework contracts and customer contracts
  • process visualization by means of message packages
  • integration of metered data exchange and data acquisition into one system
  • extensive process monitoring
  • full integration of master data and transaction data
  • overview on all exchanged market messages with statistics
  • process management based on tasks

Added values

  • Automatic meter reading including validation and substitute value formation
  • Differentiation of time series based on balance groups
  • Aggregation of measured values in balance groups
  • Automatic metered data transmission to market partners
  • Support of STS flags
  • Preparation of measured values and provision to service providers
  • Incident management support for complaint processes