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Local capture of meter readings with IDSpecto.local_App

Mobile and cross-divisional subsequent acquisition of meter readings

IDSpecto.local_App enables independent reading of meters for all mediums via optical probe. In case meter readings are not captured properly due to, for example, disturbed communication you can use IDSpecto.local_App to simply collect data locally afterwards and transfer your data to IDSpecto.collector.


IDSpecto.local_App designed for Android™ is the ideal complement to IDSpecto.collector. Our app has been designed to collect meter readings on site – comfortably and securely. Data collected with mobile devices is exchanged with the automated meter reading (AMR) system by means of file transfer via FTP(S) or HTTP(S). When an internet connection has been established, data is transferred to the AMR system directly after reading and then processed.

Characteristics of IDSpecto.local_App

  • Support of numerous meter types and drivers
  • Reading of electronic meters with optical probe – wired or via Bluetooth®

Support of ABL file format

Added Value

  • Several hundred device drivers
  • Data is to 100% suitable for accounting
  • Verifiable and reliable archiving
  • Full flexibility with regard to communication technologies
  • Scalable to businesses of every size