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Protection Devices

ACOS 300: Protection Devices for all Applications

Short circuits and earth faults do not only lead to grid outages and, consequently, incalculable risks and expenditure, but also cause damage to switchgear and, in the worst of cases, to persons. More than ever, efficient solutions for protection and control are required for the safe operation of switchgear and power grids, as well as for the centralized injection of renewable energies.

The ACOS 300 protection equipment series ensures reliable protection of medium- and high-voltage grids and installations, including their operation and monitoring.

ACOS 300

The multi-functional protection devices feature a wide range of pre-installed protection function modules for the implementation of comprehensive protection concepts. The basis for this are the following primary protection functions:

  • Overcurrent protection
  • Earth fault protection
  • Distance protection
  • Differential protection
  • Motor protection
  • Transformer protection

Supplementary Functions for “New“ Smart Grids

Rapid changes in power grids require independent protection elements. Thanks to certified protection blocks in our devices, IDS is able to fulfil the respective market requirements.

  • Reactive power-undervoltage protection (QU protection)
  • Automatic under-frequency load shedding (UFLS protection)

Added Value

  • A complete portfolio of protection functions, combined with new functions for decentralised energy production networks (QU protection, automatic under-frequency load shedding))
  • Compact protection and bay control devices for all sorts of tasks
  • Fast adaptations to changing market requirements
  • Modular structure – all devices are based on a uniform hard- and software, thereby reducing service and maintenance costs
  • Uniform engineering workflow
  • User-friendly and targeted operating concept
  • Flexible solutions for secondary equipment in existing installations.


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