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EP2000 – Scalable system for large-scale plants

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Your scalable system for large-scale plants

EP2000 is your comprehensively scalable process control system for application in sectors such as, among others, energy and water supply, wastewater management, environmental technology, broadcast engineering and other general industrial tasks.

EP2000 is an open control system based on client-server architecture. The system is scalable and therewith suitable for plants of all sizes. EP2000.web enables complete and secure control of processes with mobile devices (smartphone or tablet). Besides standard SCADA functions, EP2000 offers numerous sector-specific function modules and special solutions.


EP2000 offers numerous features to monitor, control, archive, document and optimize processes. The scalable client-server architecture of the control station is complemented by open standards such as, for example, telecontrol protocols in compliance with IEC 60870-5, OPC, SNMP and Oracle as archive database. This ensures technically and economically optimized processes.

Powerful process communication

Process data is communicated between the EP2000 control system and external telecontrol stations via communication processors that can be realized as hardware or software components, as necessary. Besides IEC 60870-5 protocols, we also provide other options to connect to (third-party) systems.

Ready for use

Already with online recognition of the data model, EP2000 offers complete control station functionality thanks to self-generating process overviews. Complete process control right from the start is enabled by tabular process views that provide every data point detail, time series to depict trends and archives, a protocol generator and, last but not least, display error, warning and alarm messages enable.

Ergonomic human-machine interface

The full-graphic and object-oriented process visualization of EP2000 enables users to monitor and control processes by means of meaningful pictures.
You may realize various hierarchical or flat operation concepts with overview or detail pictures including topological colouring. Thanks to flexible and powerful scripting language you can implement your own functions. Common visualization methods such as zoom and decluttering are included in the standard repertoire.

Mobile services/Apps

We developed EP2000.web as mobile version of our tried and tested process control system EP2000. The software extension EP2000.web provides access to your process data anywhere at any time. The mobile extension to our control system offers a simple and quick overview on selected details available in the EP2000 control system. The extension provides access to notification screen, operational logbook, plant overview, trend archive and alarm functions.

  • User authentication
  • SSL encryption
  • Independent of platforms
  • Available functions:
    • notification screen
    • operational logbook
    • plant overview
    • trend archive
    • alarm configuration
    • alarm monitoring
    • alarm acknowledgement

In addition, features push messages. As a prerequisite, you must install the software package EP2000.web in the process control system and configure EP2000.alarm. Our app is free of charge and available for download in App Store (iOS). For Google Play (Android) please contact us.


With EP2000.alarm we provide a future-proof and cost-effective application for the control system EP2000 that is easy to configure. The software offers secure remote alarm notification by means of phone trees, escalation matrices, on-call schedules and text-to-speech feature.

  • Low-cost voice notification and text messages via internet service provider – no mobile phone contract or telephone connection required
  • Conventional text messages via GSM modem – mobile phone contract and sufficient signal strength required
  • Voice mails with Voice Over IP via your own telephone connection
  • Email notification eg for e*Cityruf or Email after SMS
  • Acknowledgement of phone trees via alarm monitor or key code in case of voice call or response text messages via SMS
  • On-call schedules including phone trees and escalation matrices can be freely defined
  • Configured alarm messages are read via telephone using premium text-to-speech technology – expensive announcement files are thus no longer required
  • Audit-secure thanks to complete recording of notifications

Release version

  • Continuous development of EP2000
  • Provision of cyclical releases with important additional features
  • Individual purchase of released versions or inclusion of upgrades into maintenance contracts
  • Examples for release contents:
    – support of latest Windows versions
    – support of latest Office versions
    – mobile services
    – web access
    – usability
    – IT security
    – interfaces

Added values

  • Tried and tested software suitable for many sectors (gas, water, wastewater, district heating, etc) providing modular and medium-specific applications (eg network topologies, fault location, grid calculations, simulation, forecast, etc)
  • IT security in compliance with the whitepaper published by Federal Association of Energy and Water Industries (German: BDEW)
  • Updates available thanks to simple release procedure
  • Online engineering, highly scalable and expandable
  • User-friendly and smooth data exchange with other system landscapes
  • Manifold communication interfaces
  • Ready-for-use after data model generation


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