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Decoding is

VIVAVIS bundles our competences and our portfolio around infrastructures and infrastructure-related IoT topics. We develop solutions that decode complex processes, translating them into intuitive applications.

VIVAVIS is the professional partner for visionary companies facing the challenges of digitalization and networking of business processes. More than 10,000 customers from the energy and municipal sector as well as industry and facility management already rely on the extensive expertise of our group of companies and benefit from the greatest possible added value.

what we can do


VIVAVIS enables you to securely and reliably manage all your meters in the field. Furthermore, you are able to always provide complete and verified data to various applications within your company. Be it classical Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) to capture data from RLM meters (metered exit quantities) or data acquisition with intelligent metering systems (iMSys) and smart meters – simply compile and shape your individual system. Even solutions especially tailored to the European market are available on the same application platform. Besides software systems, numerous different hardware products and interfaces complement our portfolio.

Power Grids

With intelligent solutions from VIVAVIS, you can build up infrastructures that make the best possible use of all acquired data and combines them to achieve optimum effect. Power grid data are continually being updated to enable smart, stable and secure grid operation. VIVAVIS helps you to keep your medium- and low-voltage grid under control, even with increasing energy input from wind farms or PV plants or with rising numbers of electric vehicles.

Smart Districts

VIVAVIS helps you to control individual properties or entire neighbourhoods as parts of the low-voltage grid in an energy- and capacity-optimizing manner. Smart IoT sensors boost the value of office or rental property and simplify their operation and monitoring. Numerous applications, including intelligent parking management, temperature control, optimization of waste disposal, consumption and leakage measurements, are also available and can be easily integrated into existing application landscapes.

Our VIVAVIS service offers technical infrastructure planning, supply and installation of IoT components and the administration of data from integrated expert systems. In addition, a management software including end customer visualization via app and widget-based web interface facilitates the handling of this solution.


VIVAVIS offers you modular complete solutions. Our portfolio of home-developed products comprises all the essential components of a modern automation system.

The VIVAVIS SCADA system caters for all types of central control and monitoring tasks. It is individually scalable and therefore ideally suited for every size of water and wastewater networks.

Thanks to its high performance properties, it is particularly suitable for complex and extensive networks.


Our VIVAVIS solutions enable a multi-faceted approach to industrial applications.

On the one hand, VIVAVIS offers solutions for the automation, monitoring and control as well as the protection of medium-voltage systems.

On the other hand, we provide pioneering solutions to increase energy efficiency and reduce costs. This is vital because the cost of energy consumption constitutes an important item in the balance sheets of the manufacturing industry. The costs for electric energy, water, gas, heating or compressed air can have a significant impact on a company’s value chain.