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Industrial Load Management

Industrial Load Management

The advancing climate change requires a sustainable use of our “primary” resource, i.e. energy. In addition, a large majority of end users demand that companies manufacture their products in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. If you want to know the extent of your energy costs as well as your own CO2 footprint and what are significant contributing factors in your company, it is sensible to rely on industrial load management. Industrial load management enables climate-neutral and cost-effective management at the same time – for long-term security and a sustainable future!


With the energy turnaround, Germany has initiated a fundamental transformation of its energy supply and has set the goal of largely reducing CO2 emissions in its energy systems.

Especially the increase of energy generation from weather-related volatile renewable energies poses new challenges for the interaction between power generation and demand.

Smart load management is capable, for instance, to compensate for fluctuations in power generation on the side of power generation, by making the demand for electricity more flexible, i.e. by selectively increasing or decreasing it at specific times.

In particular, shiftable energy loads in companies should be used for this purpose in order to ensure the stability of the power grid in the long run.

Our Solution for You

  1. Smart Load Management
    Energy and load management 4.0 can do more than just measure, analyze and optimize electrical loads – the intelligent OPTIMO load management system, peaks from the electricity or gas network can be avoided (fully automatic) and the costs for power grid usage can be significantly reduced. In industrial production processes or the operation of administrative buildings, companies can avoid expensive power peaks in the purchase of electricity or gas.
  2. Flexible Control of Power Generators and Consumers
    OPTIMO adjusts the power consumption of all connected consumers and in-house generation systems in real time with a setpoint profile. OPTIMO prevents spontaneously occurring power peaks during peak load periods by continuously comparing the operational power requirement with the tariff-related power limits. Thanks to OPTIMO, the complex maintenance of these regionally and seasonally different and annually redefined periods of reference power limitation can be easily managed.
  3. Precise Metering and Communication Technology
    As a basis for valid energy data logging, EFFICIO and OPTIMO integrate a wide range of sensors, network analysers and energy meters for electricity and pipe-bound media. Suitable measurement technology is available for a wide range of measurement tasks in various designs, e.g. with M-Bus, Modbus or TCP interfaces – for the transparent recording of measured values that is precise, reproducible and reliable at all times.
  4. Direct and Rapid Control of the Power Supply
    If the annual energy consumption exceeds the threshold of 100,000 kWh and the average value of the electricity bill is at least 250 kW, OPTIMO load management is the ideal solution. OPTIMO actively lowers energy costs by reducing grid feeds and at the same time guarantees that operators are free to decide on their own intensity of energy use. If companies wish to reduce power peaks, switch to atypical grid usage or want to market flexible control power, OPTIMO adjusts the power consumption of all connected power consumers and in-house generation systems to a setpoint profile in real time.
  5. Web-Based Mobile Solution
    The web-based process visualization and parameterization function provides perfect support through object-oriented programming and intuitive user interfaces. The EFFICIO Tour App is available for Android and iOS smartphones or tablets for mobile applications. With this app, the error-prone writing down of meter readings with pen and on paper is a matter of the past. The manual reading of meters can be easily supported in one go using a mobile terminal, and data acquisition can be automatically synchronized via WLAN.
  6. Compliance with Laws and Standards
    OPTIMO fulfils the norms of peak shaving according to STROMNEV §17 and EMAS, of atypical grid utilization according to STROMNEV §19 Clause 2 Sentence 1 as well as current-intensive power grid utilization STROMNEV §19 Clause 2 sentence 2. It helps to shift power peaks to periods with low power demand, to permanently regulate incentives thanks to the integrated tariff calendar, and to almost completely minimize your own grid charges when using less than 10 GWh.
  7. Scalable System Architecture


OPTIMO offers the opportunity to realize unrecognized savings potentials, not only to industrial bulk purchasers, but also to medium-sized companies. Minimum intervention and maximum effect – without additional administrative effort or installation works.

Added Value

  • Optimize processes, reduce consumption and thus achieve maximum savings in CO2, energy, time and money.
  • Preparation of professional load profile analyses and trend forecasts of power purchases, as well as calculation of savings potentials and return on investment.
  • Exploitation of savings potentials between 10 – 90% of the grid fee.
  • Including customized consultation services on financing and funding.
  • Simple and intuitive operation – ideal for companies with limited time and personnel resources.
  • Competent service and support, from the preparation of quotes through to successful implementation and commissioning – all from ONE SINGLE SORUCE.
  • Invest into the future through regular updates and function expansions that take into account changes in the law and technical developments.


Within the VIVAVIS group of companies, Berg GmbH, as innovation leader, ensures that load management solutions are individually tailored to meet your requirements.

A successful system is characterized by the fact that it is used by as many energy officers and energy technicians in the company as possible on a daily basis. Therefore, it should be optimally integrated into the organization and processes without requiring additional expenditure.

Get in touch with the experts at Berg for detailed advice on subsidies and financing options, for an overview of our accurate metering and communication technology as well as our industrial OPTIMO software solution for energy cost optimization.

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