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Automatic meter reading solution

Automated recording and processing of measured values

Recording and processing of measured values provided by exit quantity meters (in German: RLM) via Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) serves as basis for various procedures within energy companies. These range from billing the consumption of electricity, gas, water and district heating and visualization in a customer portal to energy balancing.

Solutions that can flexibly be adapted to individual infrastructures offer automated processes which enable standardization of data recorded in the field and forwarding it to various systems.


The spectrum of measurement technology used in the field is broad and quite diverse. In case of automatic meter reading, metered data provided by a multitude of meters and protocols must be captured via various communication routes, processed, prepared and then forwarded to connected systems. Various regulatory requirements have to be met and the solution must be secure, flexible and scalable.

The challenges are:

  • Integration of meters for exit quantities (RLM) for different mediums such as electricity and gas
  • Integration of devices made by various manufacturers as well as protocols available on the market
  • Satisfaction of the need for reliable data acquisition and archiving
  • Automated processes between the systems
  • Management of manifold meters via one user interface
  • Provision of information to customers in an energy data portal
  • Integration of solutions for mobile data collection
  • Parallel management of smart metering systems
  • Guaranteed data privacy and data security

Our Solution for You

  1. Maximum flexibility with regard to selecting meters
    No matter which meters you use for your corporate and businesses customers: you can trust in the tried and tested performance of collector when reading data.
    Several hundred device drivers guarantee that values of all kinds of meters, regardless of the medium, are not only recorded reliably, but also standardized and integrated into the IDSpecto system. This way you become independent of manufacturers to the highest possible extend and remain flexible with regard to meter model and type. IDSpecto.ADMIN and IDSpecto.DAYOS serve as basic systems for automatic meter reading dependent of the individually composed solution.
  2. Integration of intelligent metering systems and IoT applications
    DAYOS by VIVAVIS is the link between classic systems and the digitization of the European energy market. All you need is a new HES adapter to integrate new measurement technology into the system. This way you are able to not only manage metering via classic automatic meter reading but also capture data provided by intelligent metering systems, IoT applications or other technologies.
  3. Provision of a metered data platform
    DAYOS reconciles all information given by various applications and sources; information is reliably processed into data suitable for accounting and forwarded to connected processes or systems. The whole procedure is usually executed fully automated. Integration focuses on the particular tasks and requires individual modules.
  4. Measured values for billing and ERP systems
    IDSpecto provides system integration by means of standardized and process-oriented interfaces to all common systems within the energy supply sector, eg SAP. Web services are thereby preferred.
  5. Market communication
    IDEX-DE supports sending standardized messages in compliance with German market communication requirements. The module provides a clear and universal overview on all sending parameters and allows flexible use of individual time series and aggregation of balance groups.
  6. Integration of mobile solutions
    In the context of mobile data collection on site, you can connect the mobile reading system that provides flexible interfaces to all common billing systems. You may alternatively integrate IDSpecto.local_App and use this module for emergency readings of meters for all mediums by means of an optical probe.
  7. Visualization of any medium in customer portals
    With enVIEW.Portal, you can offer a clear and easy to understand overview to your customers on their own energy consumption or generation. IDSpecto.enVIEW.CI provides a broader range of functions designed for districts, industry and special contract customers.
  8. Comprehensive support for users
    The process-oriented interface of DAYOS reliably guides users though upcoming tasks in daily business. The customizable dashboard provides information about current system status and pending processes at a glance. You can also easily create additional reports with the WYSIWYG editor that helps you in monitoring the field infrastructure.
  9. Data protection and data security
    Our automatic meter reading solution supports every procedure used by various meters and manufacturers to protect and secure data, eg DLMS or OMS. Automated processes of ADMIN GDPR guarantee legally compliant handling of data as stipulated in the General Data Protection Regulation.

Added Values

With its broad range of functions thanks to its modular concept, IDSpecto offers solutions for manifold demands. A high-performance basis combined with task-oriented modules, process packages and functions offers economic and convenient individual systems and solutions.

Your added values for automatic meter reading:

  • Numerous drivers offer maximum independence from manufacturers when selecting meters
  • Manifold interfaces to connect most different systems, eg billing systems or workforce management
  • Simple and future-proof enhancement of the basic system by adding new business areas
  • Flexible scalability of systems
  • Multitenant solutions
  • Comprehensive monitoring of field conditions
  • Improved process efficiency and reduced error rates
  • Consistent processes thanks to end-to-end automation
  • Also available as SaaS or BPO solution hosted in our data centre certified to ISO 27001