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External market partner solution (EMT)

Automated acquisition and processing of metered data provided by smart metering systems

With the introduction of smart metering systems, not only processes for metered data reception change but also applied technologies. At present, our solution designed for external market partners (EMP) not only enables operators with primary responsibility (German: gMSB) and competitive meter operators (German: wMSB) to acquire and process metered data provided by smart metering systems (German: iMSys) but also to forward data to authorized recipients. We gradually expand our solution and add variants especially tailored to grid operators and suppliers.


Numerous different smart meter gateways (SMGW) from various manufacturers can be used in the field ranging from first generation devices to devices compatible with most current rules and regulations published by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). All variants require smooth interaction. In addition, a system should also support expanding one’s own business area with regard to value-added services.

From an external market partner’s point of view, the most important system requirements are:

  • Secure communication and data decryption
  • Certificate management
  • Quick processing and provision of data for different market roles and use cases
  • Integration of smart meter gateways of various manufacturers
  • Cooperation with GWA systems
  • Provision of information to customers in an energy data portal
  • Integration of solutions for mobile data collection
  • Integration of automatic meter reading (AMR)
  • Integration of IoT applications and submetering services

Our Solution for You

  1. Reception of encrypted energy data
    Our EMP solution guarantees secure and certificate-based reception of encrypted energy data by authorized external market partners. The solution thereby supports numerous different smart meter gateways in the field.
  2. Operation outside the certified area
    The external market partner system operates completely separated from the GWA system. There is only one secure interface by means of which you are able to realize all processes and use cases requiring data exchange with systems for smart meter gateway administration, for example IDSpecto.GWA. Certification is not required for operation.
  3. Strict separation of roles
    Thanks to multitenancy of the system, every role of a utility can be developed separately. This way, only authorized roles are able to receive, evaluate and examine data that has been intended for them.
  4. Efficiency due to electronic delivery note
    Master data from smart metering system including certificates is imported into the system with an electronic delivery note in accordance with German FNN and configured for data evaluation.
  5. Integrated certificate management
    All certificates required to establish secure communication and data decryption are automatically administered via IDSpecto.HES.SMGW and compared with CRLs of the Root CA. This ensures that metered data provided by smart meter gateways is genuine and can be used for billing.
  6. Integration of conventional measurement technology, submetering and IoT applications
    Based on IDSpecto.DAYOS, you can easily expand the EMP solution by adding more use cases. In parallel with data acquisition from smart metering systems you may also integrate classic automatic meter reading or IoT as well as submetering applications. All you need is a new HES adapter to integrate new measurement technology into the system.
  7. Creation of a metered data platform
    DAYOS reconciles all information given by various applications and sources, reliably processes this information and forwards prepared data that is suitable for accounting to connected processes or systems. The whole procedure is usually executed fully automated. Processes and systems are connected in a task-oriented way via individual modules of IDSpecto.
  8. Measured values for billing and ERP systems
    IDSpecto provides system integration by means of standardized and process-oriented interfaces to all common systems within the energy supply sector, eg IDSpecto.IM4G for SAP. Web services are thereby preferred.
  9. Market communication
    IDEX-DE supports sending standardized messages in compliance with German market communication requirements. The module provides a clear and universal overview on all sending parameters and allows flexible use of individual time series and aggregation of balance groups. By means of the process package IDEX-DE.Mako2020, you can integrate processes to dispute and clear measured values via ORDERS messages and related MSCONS reversal messages.
  10. Integration of mobile solutions
    In the context of mobile data collection on site, you can connect the mobile reading system which provides flexible interfaces to all common billing systems.
  11. Visualization of any medium in customer portals
    With enVIEW.Portal, you can offer a clear and easy to understand overview to your customers on their own energy consumption or generation. IDSpecto.enVIEW.CI provides a broader range of functions designed for districts, industry and special contract customers.
  12. Comprehensive support for users
    The process-oriented interface of DAYOS reliably guides users though upcoming tasks in daily business. Thanks to the customizable dashboard, users receive information about current system status and pending processes at a glance. Creating reports additionally helps in monitoring the infrastructure in the field.

Added Value

The EMP solution does not need a secure area in a company. Automated processes between EMP and GWA systems relieve companies of costs for certification. Thanks to the modular concept of IDSpecto you remain flexible. Just let your system grow together with your business model.

Your added values at a glance:

  • No certification required in accordance with basic protection by German Federal Office for Information Security
  • Separation of EMP and GWA systems enables independent development;
  • Simple operation in parallel with automatic meter reading (AMR)
  • Independence of manufacturers with regard to smart meter gateways
  • Manifold interfaces to connect most different systems, eg billing systems or workforce management
  • Future-proof thanks to gradual adaptations of systems when developing new business areas
  • Flexible scalability of systems
  • Multitenancy
  • Comprehensive monitoring of field conditions
  • Improved process efficiency and reduced error rates
  • Consistent processes thanks to end-to-end automation
  • Also available as SaaS solution hosted in our data centre certified to ISO 27001