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Smart metering solution

Automated acquisition of measured values and consumption control

This solution has been especially designed for grid operators on the European market outside Germany. It serves to capture, qualify and deploy metered data as well as quality data provided by smart meters of various hardware manufacturers in the particular states thereby using most different communication technologies available on the market.
After fully automated master data import from systems such as, for example, SAP® IS-U or IS-E, energy and power quality data is recorded cyclically, collected centrally, standardized and verified.
By means of interfaces, data is then provided to further processing systems for billing or to control consumers within the low voltage network. Thanks to comprehensive and system-wide automation of business as well as market processes, you will even be able to efficiently process the huge data volume that will be created after the nationwide roll-out.


Smart meters installed in the field must be completely integrated into the existing application environment.

Smart metering solutions must provide:

  • Creation and management of device information
  • High-performance handling of bulk data
  • Automated processes between the systems
  • Integration of devices by different manufacturers either directly or via the manufacturer’s head-end system
  • Reliable data acquisition and archiving
  • Flexible extensibility of the system

Our Solution for You

  1. Creation of a metered data platform
    Central and standardized qualification and aggregation of metered data received.
  2. Integration of various smart meters
    Our solution is able to communicate with numerous smart meters of various manufacturers, for example via PLC protocols such as DLMS/IDIS or OSGP. We also support communication via digital short range radio, Ethernet as well as mobile communications technology such as NB IoT, Cat-M1 or LTE.
  3. Measured values for billing as well as ERP systems
    IDSpecto provides system integration by means of standardized and process-oriented interfaces to all common systems within the energy supply sector, eg SAP or is-e (innosolv Energie). Master data is thereby automatically created and updated.
  4. Market communication
    Captured metered data and aggregates are transferred to market partners automated and on schedule. This relieves your staff.
  5. Consumer control
    You are able to control consumers within the low voltage network and to replace classical ripple control technology or to switch energy generating plants. Devices used feature a confirmation channel by means of which you are able to verify online whether switching operations had been successful or not. Besides sheer controlling, you may even realize dynamic load optimization when using suitable smart meter hardware.
  6. Extensive user support
    The user interface offers a quick overview of the measuring field status and installed additional components. System alarms, notes and suggested solutions help users to perform their tasks efficiently.

Added Value

With only one system you are able to establish an all-around solution for smart metering and smart grid.

Your added values at a glance:

  • Easy to expand with regard to smart grid
  • Simple integration of gas, water and heat meters eg via M-Bus or OMS
  • Replacement of ripple control technology
  • Everything available from one source
  • Low communication costs when using PLC or IoT technology
  • High-performance and flexible systems
  • Consistent processes thanks to a high degree of automation
  • Comprehensive assistance in day-to-day work