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SMGW administration solution

Simple and easy administration of smart meter gateways

The smart meter gateway administrator (SMGW admin) is responsible for secure technical operation of smart metering systems (German: iMSys). The solution provided by VIVAVIS considers every process and use case required for the smart meter gateway administrator role within the German energy market. Guided and use-case oriented processes offer broad support to users and ensure easy, secure and economic realization of the respective tasks.


Systems to administer smart meter gateways (SMGW) must cooperate with numerous different smart meter gateways. Furthermore, such systems have to securely deal with all processes related to SMGW and provide high automation in a way that customers are always able to keep track.

The challenges are:

  • Integration of smart meter gateways of various manufacturers
  • Conformity with technical guideline TR-03109 (published by German Federal Office for Information Security) and ISO 27001
  • Support of requirements defined by German FNN
  • Automated procedural cooperation with EMP systems
  • Efficient organization of the roll-out

Our Solution for You

  1. Integration of different smart meter gateways
    Our solution supports all smart meter gateways compatible with requirements defined by German FNN/DKE. You may even expand the system and add devices that are not compliant with German DKE.
  2. High-level of efficiency thanks to automated processes between GWA, EMP and ERP
    Communication is completely automated between EMP and GWA systems with regard to commissioning and configuration. Communication is controlled by the EMP system. In case an ERP system is connected to the EMP, a fully automated process is created that is triggered by the ERP system and processed.
    This provides maximum efficiency not only during the roll-out but also in daily operation.
  3. Implementation of operational processes as defined by German FNN
    Supported by clearly structured processes, SMGW admin is able to accomplish tasks efficiently, reliably and in compliance with current security standards published by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). Personalization of smart meter gateways, for example, is executed automatically and irregularities are directly reported to the gateway administrator.
  4. Complete integration into existing infrastructure
    A high-performance interface between EMP system and IDSpecto.GWA realizes all processes and use cases that are required by the SMGW admin role to configure and monitor standard operation of devices in the field.
  5. Separation of GWA and EMP systems
    GWA is being developed in compliance with ISO 27001 and strictly separated from the EMP system. This significantly accelerates as well as facilitates certification of the system.

Added Value

Simple and easy administration of smart metering systems – secure from the very beginning, interoperable and high-performance.

Your added values at a glance:

  • Development certified to ISO 27001
  • Simplified certification due to consequent separation of GWA and EMP systems
  • High-performance cryptography in accordance with technical guideline TR-03109 (published by German Federal Office for Information Security)
  • Comprehensive monitoring of field conditions
  • Consistent end-to-end process started by the ERP system
  • Improved process efficiency and reduced error rates
  • High degree of automation
  • Simple user interface
  • CLS ready
  • Also available as SaaS or BPO solution hosted in our data centre certified to ISO 27001