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Controllable local system (CLS) solution

Create added value with submetering and intelligent control

Smart meter gateways (SMGW) with control interfaces (or controllable local system interfaces) are supposed to help integrating consumers and generators flexibly into the energy market.
The CLS interface provides a secure communication route (compliant with regulations by the German Federal Office for Information Security; German: BSI) to the customer facility. This route can be used to improve integration of these plants into the grids. This enables realization of services and business models for numerous market participants.


The CLS interface is the only smart meter gateway interface that is not exclusive. It can be used not only by grid and meter operators.

  • A supervisory body is therefore required to ensure that only authorized market partners access devices located within the CLS to control plants or capture their measured values.

Our Solution for You

  1. Realization of a secure communication route (in compliance with technical guidelines by BSI)
    The TLS communication connection is established by the SMGW and terminated by CLS-Operator in accordance with German regulations. This way a tunnel is created through which devices installed within the CLS are accessed. All active market partner (aEMP) requirements are therewith met.
  2. Control in compliance with FNN coordination function on operation level
    represents the supervisory entity which ensures that plants are only controlled by authorized market partners and that their switchings comply with permissions given by grid operations.
  3. Communication endpoint for any kind of market partner
    CLS-Operator acts as central intermediary for any system that wants to access CLS devices via smart meter gateways.
  4. Gateway for submetering
    With CLS-Operator you enjoy the benefits of a security level that complies with regulations of BSI even in submetering.

Added Value

In addition to gateway administrator and passive external market partner (pEMP), IDSpecto.CLS-Operator as active external market partner represents the third system component of smart metering in Germany.

Your added values at a glance:

  • Investment security thanks to secure communication in compliance with BSI
  • You are ready for certification
  • Cryptography in compliance with BSI guidelines
  • Coordination function in compliance with FNN
  • Clear overview on the complete measuring and control field
  • High degree of automation
  • Interface to GWA system
  • Multitenancy
  • Available as SaaS solution hosted in our data centre certified to ISO 27001