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Operation and Monitoring of Power Distribution and Supply Networks

Operation and Monitoring of Power Distribution and Supply Networks

We at VIVAVIS offer an extensive portfolio of software, hardware and services for the operation and monitoring of both medium- and high-voltage power distribution and supply grids.

Our solutions for medium- and high-voltage grids include the necessary control technology, telecontrol and automation technology as well as other necessary components to create a future-proof communication infrastructure


A reliable supply in medium- and high-voltage grids – today and in the future – is mainly based on two parameters:  Safety and Flexibility

This is exactly what makes it such a great challenge: On the one hand, the owners of power distribution and supply networks need secure and stable systems to monitor them in a controlled manner. On the other hand, it is becoming increasingly important to respond in a rapid and flexible manner to current events and circumstances.

Renewable energy sources make power distribution networks increasingly unpredictable. Therefore, power suppliers must be able to react quickly and initiate appropriate actions. This, in turn, is only possible if they have appropriate automatic strategies and measures as well as systems that support operators in their tasks.

Our Solutions for You

  1. Topology The HIGH-LEIT Topology function calculates the states of electrical power supply grids and visualizes them via process images. Visualisation is based on a graphic node and edge model. If the status of the power supply grid changes, the topology function automatically calculates and imports the current information. The topology function of HIGH-LEIT includes other useful functions, such as
    • Colouring
    • Flags
    • Provisional features
    • Typified switching sequences
  2. Power grid calculation
    1. The load-flow calculation function takes into account power injections from renewable energy sources and recognizes re-injections into the transformer station. Prior to each switching operation, these functions can be used to calculate and visualize currents and possible excess loads on equipment. Both excess loads and voltage range violations are automatically included in the topological interlock check. The load-flow calculation function can also be employed in the simulation mode, thereby providing operators with a safe means for preparing grid transfer switching measures.
    2. Calculation of short circuits is carried out on all nodes according to the Takahashi method. It is possible to make parallel calculations of 3-pole, 2-pole and 1-pole faults as well as 2-phase to earth faults, thus enabling visualization of the results of each type of error. By setting potential fault locations in the simulation mode, users can calculate different short-circuit scenarios individually.
    3. The power failure calculation (n-1) recognizes a violation of n-1 security in enmeshed power grids in the event of overload on lines and transformers or if the voltage limit in busbars is exceeded. The State Estimation function in the HIGH-LEIT SCADA system is used to estimate current power grid status in the best possible manner by evaluating various information and correcting measured value errors, and then to carry out the actual load-flow calculation based on these values. The state estimation function makes the following calculations in the online mode: Active power, reactive power, voltage amount and voltage angle; it also recognizes and corrects faulty measured values and determines data at grid points where no measurements take place.
    4. Switching Request: In the operation of power grids and pipelines, several persons are involved in the process chain – from switching requests to the execution of switching operations through to evaluations in the form of switching records. The web-based function “Switching Request” supports operators at every single stage and enables partial automation of grid operation.
  1. 3. In addition, the ACOS 7 Series offers a comprehensive portfolio of automation and telecontrol functions – from our small and flexible ACOS 730 with different applications to our all-rounder, the ACOS 750 RTU.

Added Value

  • For a better overview – Monitoring and control
  • Better control of power grids (m.v. and h.v.)
  • IT security all around


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