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Redispatch 2.0 and Power Grid Cascades

See More, Reliable Forecasts, Quick Response

Power grid prognostics and forecasts are the basis for the so-called Redispatch 2.0 and the power grid cascade VDE-AR-N 4140.

With our solutions, we at VIVAVIS ensure the successful implementation of necessary measures. This enables the operators of distribution networks to see more, make reliable forecasts and initiate quick responses..


The ongoing decentralization of power supply and the increasing integration of volatile energy producers, it has become clear that the current regulatory framework and the existing procedures for grid operation are only of limited suitability when it comes to implementing the transition to renewable energies.

This has been taken into account by the amendment to the Grid Expansion Acceleration Act (NABEG 2.0). It provides for an adjustment of many laws that are relevant to the energy industry, namely the Energy Industry Act, the Renewable Energy Act, the Cogeneration Act and the incentive-based regulation.

The so-called Redispatch 2.0 aims to ensure that the necessary planning and control processes designed to avoid grid bottlenecks are decentralized and, at the same time, become more efficient and economical.

Virtually every one of the more than 800 distribution system operators (DSOs) in Germany will be involved in the redispatch process in some way from October 2021: As a person or body who is in charge of operations, the transmission network operator (TNO) will provide system-specific forecasts of power generation capacities and available flexibilities for the coming day. Or they will act as power grid operators checking assignment schedules and  reporting Redispatch requirements to the TSO.

If a power grid bottleneck cannot be remedied by Redispatch, the power grid cascade comes into effect in the form of an emergency measure in accordance with § 13.2 of the Energy Industry Act.

Our Solution for Redispatch 2.0

For the implementation of the measures for Redispatch 2.0 VIVAVIS offers various different add-on modules for the HIGH-LEIT SCADA system.

This includes both expansions and interface modules to the different systems involved in the Redispatch process.

These add-on modules enable the implementation of tasks related to Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) as well as those of the DNO acting as person in charge of operations.

Our Solutions for the Power Grid Cascade

To implement the specifications of the higher-level power grid operator, the current feed-in and consumption capacities of all controllable generators and loads must be logged.

  1. Expanded power grid calculation in the HIGH-LEIT SCADA system
  2. (Partly) automated implementation of the individual measures in the power grid cascade via HIGH-LEIT feed-in management
  3. Secure and scalable telecontrol for your systems via the ACOS 7 Series
  4. ACOS 730 as expanded control box to enable control of generators and loads in l.-v. Systems, and as add-on to the intelligent metering system.
  5. Access to generators and consumers connected to the intelligent Metering System (iMSys) via CLS Operator
  6. Access rights for generators and consumers via the Gateway Administrator IDSpecto.GWA
  7. Transfer of operational data and measures to higher- or lower-level power grid operators

Added Value

  • Saving time and compliance with deadlines through (partly) automated processes
  • Non-discriminatory selection of systems and installations, as well as documentation of measures
  • Avoiding errors in data communication
  • This is also possible on control centres, thus allowing for more flexibility.


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