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Climate and environment monitoring solution

Monitoring of climate and environmental data in smart cities

Future cities will become smart and interconnected to improve urban centres with regard to cleanliness, security and efficiency and to reduce stress. Our solution for climate or environmental monitoring supports energy suppliers, municipalities, cities, energy companies and public utilities as it can be tailored to individual needs of the particular use case. Possible applications range from monitoring air quality (eg particulate matter or NOx) in public areas to evaluating information about the indoor climate in churches, schools or other public buildings (eg to prevent mould or optimize heating). This facilitates sustainable management as well as maintenance and improves the quality of live.


Metered data provided by numerous sensors must be captured and evaluated in order to enable drawing reliable conclusions from collected climate and environmental data.

The challenges are:

  • Different conditions at installation sites
  • Quick and easy installation of sensors
  • Extensibility

Our Solution for You

  1. Acquisition of data provided by numerous sensors
    Among others, we capture data from sensors for temperature, air quality or humidity and react to smoke alarms or door contacts. Our climate and environmental monitoring solution acquires data via radio networks that are easy to set up.
  2. Flexible infrastructure to transmit metered data
    We develop a radio infrastructure by means of intelligent and durable gateways such as enQube and enQuant which both communicate via wM-Bus or LoRaWAN®.
    You may even add range extenders or repeaters.
  3. Central data and process platform
    DAYOS is the core of our solution and represents the central database. All data is collected, evaluated as well as standardized in this database and forwarded to connected systems afterwards.
  4. Reports and alarms
    With Efficio you always see all data captured at a glance. Efficio provides many reports and views that inform you about current conditions on site. Thanks to automatic alarms indicating exceeded limits you can react in good time and take appropriate countermeasures.

Added Value

Our complete system solution is based on standards and comprises hardware as well as software. This facilitates easy integration of additional use cases and thus expansion of your portfolio. Furthermore, you can support your customers with additional added-value applications.

Your added values at a glance:

  • Application of easily available default sensors
  • Simple installation even subsequently
  • Radio feature (eg wM-Bus or LoRaWAN®) enables application at most different locations
  • Comprehensive analysis of climate data and reporting
  • Automated alarms
  • Easily extensible as you can start with a solution to simply collect data and expand this solution step-by-step with additional applications