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Energy monitoring solution

Comprehensive analysis of energy consumption and energy generation

Wherever plants or properties are to be assessed energetically and whenever their efficiency is to be monitored, our energy monitoring solution helps you in finding potential for optimization, reducing energy costs as well as complying with standards such as, for example, ISO 50001:2018.

The integrated hardware guarantees reliable measurement of consumption, generation and status data (eg temperatures) and captures data even directly from generators or consumers via corresponding interfaces. The software platform receives all metered data and stores it in a central memory. On this basis, you are able to conduct analyses, trigger alarms and use numerous other options for evaluation and reporting. This way you always have an eye on energy consumers as well as generators to be monitored, such as, for example, contracting plants or local heating networks in districts and you are able to react in good time.


Energy monitoring solutions must be designed to record data from very different devices and have to provide flexible extensibility to ensure security of investments and become future-proof.

The challenges are:

  • Integration of numerous generators, plants, meters and sensors
  • Daily collection and processing of technical and economic figures
  • Cyclical or event-based notifications and reports to relevant target groups

Our Solution for You

  1. Realization of all energetic processes and structures
    With the energy management system Efficio, you monitor your energy performance indicators (EnPIs) and check the control behaviour of your plant. You are able to control energy goals and impose measures. The dashboard offers an overview on current conditions at any time. Alarms enable early intervention and countermeasures.
  2. Acquisition of data provided by numerous sensors, power units and meters
    You can easily adapt consumption and status monitoring to the specific use case.
    Use cases range from monitoring of electricity, water or heat meters and solar farms to acquiring humidity or customer frequency.
  3. Flexible infrastructure to transmit metered data
    We develop a radio infrastructure by means of intelligent and durable gateways such as enQube, enQuant or, which communicate via many different standards, such as, for example wM-Bus, M-Bus, LoRaWAN® or Modbus. Depending on the technology, you may even add range extenders or repeaters.

Added Value

Our comprehensive solution has been based on standards and is independent of manufacturers.
You are therefore able to adapt size and features of the energy monitoring system to your needs at any time. This way you optimize your processes, reduce consumption and save CO², energy, time and money.

Your added values at a glance:

  • Up-to-date and web-based energy management and energy monitoring solution
  • Capture of all consumption data including process and operating details
  • Extensive range of reports and alarms
  • Audits of energy and generation plants in accordance with ISO 50001:2018 and DIN EN 16247
  • Easily expanded with additional devices.