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Facility management solution

Intelligent and efficient management of technical equipment and buildings

Efficient facility management is based on a digital infrastructure that offers smart control options and provides comprehensively integrated building, security as well as communication technique, which can be monitored easily. VIVAVIS designed such a platform. Our platform joins different use cases such as access as well as leakage monitoring or alarms to indicate defects in just one single system. The system supports cyclical as well as event-based maintenance processes and thus assists in targeted and demand-oriented planning.

This way we help caretakers such as municipalities or public institutions in permanently reducing operating and management costs. Furthermore, we help in assuring technical availability of plants.


Sensors and meters designed for different purposes within facility management must be read, their measurements must be collated in one single platform and allocated to subsequent processes.

The challenges are:

  • Integration of most different sensors
  • Cyclical provision of status information related to an asset
  • Realization of maintenance processes
  • Allocation of tasks to qualified staff
  • Mobile support and recording

Our Solution for You

We offer the option to individually design various assets and related maintenance processes. Furthermore, you can assign occurring tasks to qualified employees, who can accomplish the tasks guided by an app (ACOS 360°AM). Every action is thereby logged.

  1. Individual design for a quick overview
    With our facility management solution, you are able to integrate manifold assets and individually design corresponding maintenance processes. This way you remain flexible and relevant information is always at hand.
  2. Forwarding of tasks with regard to skills
    You can easily assign to responsible staff members individual tasks that have to be accomplished in the context of maintenance.
  3. Mobile suppor
    The ACOS 360° AM app securely guides you through the processes. Every action is logged and thus no task will get lost.

Added Value

With our facility management solution, you benefit from central administration of assets.

Your added values at a glance:

  • Central maintenance and monitoring of asset conditions
  • Early initialization of maintenance processes based on cyclically captured status data
  • Increased process efficiency
  • Reduction of operating costs