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Intelligent Power Grid and Charging Infrastructures for Areas and Smart Districts

Full Power for E-Mobility in Smart Districts

Not only the operators of power supply grids and municipal utilities, but also the owners of site networks must be able to face up to the challenges of e-mobility.

The electricity for charging infrastructures usually comes from the upstream medium-voltage distribution network – i.e. from public energy suppliers. The charging capacities required in this context make a secure, highly available and grid-compatible network of areas and smart districts mandatory. To fulfil these requirements and for the optimal exploitation of the available feed-in capacity, it is necessary to install intelligent systems for charging infrastructures.


The challenges for area networks and smart districts in terms of e-mobility and charging infrastructures are the following:

  • Control of the power grid: Avoiding bottlenecks and ensuring quick response to overloads
  • Control of charging processes (charge management)
  • Compliance with legal requirements
  • Developing new business models
  • Interfaces to external market partners
  • Maintenance and outage management of charging columns

Our Solution for You

HIGH-LEIT iNLM is suitable for everyone who has to build up intelligent power grid and charging infrastructure management systems, including those in smart districts and area networks.

This also includes public transport companies that are operating e-buses and have to equip depots with charging infrastructures.

HIGH-LEIT iNLM enables a comprehensive approach for the optimization of power grid and charging infrastructures and for supporting operations. It detects and eliminates faults and power grid overloads, monitors charging points, maintains the total charging power and identifies the conditions of operating equipment.

Operation and Monitoring

HIGH-LEIT iNLM makes operation and monitoring of power grids and charging infrastructures safe and easy. The HIGH-LEIT SCADA system  is used in connection with RTUs from the ACOS 7 Series and compact protection/control devices from the ACOS 300 Series.

The connection of charging points to the integrated charging infrastructure management system is done via OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol), thereby enabling the simple and efficient operation and monitoring of area networks and helping you to avoid exceeding the permissible feed-in power.

Maintenance and Outage Management

Charging columns as well as complete charging infrastructures must be connected to the power grid in such a way as to support the efficient and economical operation of power grids.

The VIVAVIS Asset Management enables the digital management and documentation of processes and job orders required for that purpose, enabling the efficient implementation and documentation of projects.

Added Value

  • Cost optimization
  • Compliance with the specified power demand
  • Monitoring of charging processes
  • Intelligent control of charging processes
  • Measurement of electricity and power flows
  • Load-flow monitoring for the prevention of bottlenecks and overloads
  • Alerting in the event of faults
  • Integration into the outage and maintenance management system


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