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Solution for IoT network and IoT platform

Acquisition and central storage of IoT data

The Internet of Things (IoT) applies many different types of sensors and uses various transmission technologies. Metered data provided by all these different sources must be captured and standardized to enable subsequent evaluation, calculation if required and forwarding to connected systems. To accomplish these tasks, VIVAVIS provides a multifunctional IoT network and IoT platform solution. Our system is your central source of reliable data for manifold application cases.
This way you derive maximum benefit from your IoT data.


Numerous sensors used for various tasks must be read within properties or districts and metered data must be collated in one IoT platform. At the same time, flexible extensibility must be guaranteed.

The challenges are:

  • Integration of most different sensors
  • Connection of various gateways and data concentrators
  • Provision of possible IoT (radio) network infrastructures
  • Evaluation of operating conditions
  • Evaluation of measurement quality

Our Solution for You

  1. Central data and process platform
    DAYOS is the core of our solution and serves as platform to manage metered data and devices. Standardized processes offer assistance with installation, removal and maintenance of devices, metered data is validated and calculated. Interoperable default interfaces to various systems such as, for example, ERP systems ensure efficient operation and a high degree of automation with regard to processes.
  2. Gateways to collect and provide metered data
    Our gateways are able to collect metered data from most different sensors in the Internet of Things. Data is received either via LoRaWAN® (enQuant) or Modbus (enQube) and securely forwarded to the back end.
  3. Flexible infrastructure to transmit metered data
    You can easily expand the network and add additional gateways. Depending on the technology, you may even add range extenders or repeaters.

Added Value

You can rely on your network with the IoT platform by VIVAVIS. Numerous features ensure maximum data quality and availability of devices.

Your added values at a glance:

  • Processes with a high degree of automation
  • Extensive support of manifold devices and technologies
  • Reliable metered data thanks to quality control
  • Regular inspection of sensors and devices to verify proper operation
  • Designed for cooperation with smart metering systems via CLS interface