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Solution designed for water utilities and waste water management

Secure and automated processes for water utilities and waste water management

We offer comprehensive system solutions for secure and automated operation of water supply networks and wastewater treatment plants.

From advisory services and project planning to commissioning and after sales services – we are your partner for all issues related to process monitoring and automation. Experienced staff is at your disposal.

Our scalable and modular systems are perfectly suited to meet your individual needs. You can easily adapt the systems to current circumstances at any time. Standardized interfaces and protocols enable simple integration into existing system environments.


You must be able to continuously optimize systems and adapt them to permanently changing boundary conditions.

Operation security and reliability make high demands on monitoring and automation systems and these demands increase steadily.

We therefore offer comprehensive system solutions for all areas of the water industry – from control systems to suitable telecontrol and automation technologies.

Our solution

We offer the following solutions and services for processes related to water supply and wastewater treatment plants:

  • Control systems to monitor plants and track the complete supply process
  • Planning of on-call duty
  • Forecast and optimization functions
  • IT solutions for technical grid operations
  • Automation
  • Communication infrastructure for IP networks and other data networks
  • IT security for communication networks

Added values

  • Comprehensive system solution for water supply systems/wastewater treatment plants – from control system to station automation
  • Broad range of products flexibly expandable to meet individual demands
  • Profound experience and project teams which work well together
  • Simple integration into existing IT systems
  • Standardized interfaces and protocols


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