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May we introduce ourselves? VIVAVIS concentrates competences and portfolio around infrastructure and infrastructure-related IoT topics. We develop solutions that decrypt complex processes and translate these processes into intuitive applications, in short, we offer DECODING. VIVAVIS is the expert partner for companies facing the challenges of digitization and interconnected business processes. More than 10,000 customers among municipalities as well as in the sectors energy, industry and facility management already rely on the extensive expertise offered by our group of companies and benefit from the greatest possible added value.

Our DECODING philosophy is based on tried and tested products, software as well as services and complemented with IoT enabling technologies. This way we are able to flexibly combine systems and gain new insights by means of Advanced Analytics. We thus create added value and enable new business models for our customers.Systems by VIVAVIS meet highest standards on IT security. They are available as software as a service and mobile solutions.VIVAVIS develops cross-divisional solutions for

• energy supply
• closed distribution system operation
• industry
• housing sector
• local government

We thereby use control technology, telecontrol as well as automatic meter reading and offer smart metering and smart grid applications. Our customers can count on high-performance energy as well as load management and rely on data forecasts to optimize water consumption or schedules.


Welcome to the networked world! As digitization progresses, billions of smart components will be connected and communicate with each other in the IoT (Internet of Things). The possibilites are infinite, the data volumes are enormous, which makes their control a difficult and complex tasks. Therefore, this new world requires comprehensive and modular solutions.

VIVAVIS combines our competencies and our portfolio around infrastructures and infrastructure-related IoT topics. We develop solutions that decode complex processes, translating them into intuitive applications: „DECODING”.

VIVAVIS is a professional partner for visionary companies facing the challenges of the digitization and networking of business processes. More than 10,000 customers from the energy and municipal sectors, as well as industry and building management, rely on the comprehensive know-how of our group across a variety of sectors, thereby profiting from the maximum possible added value.

Our solutions for you

  1. Interoperable
    solutions are fully interoperable,reducing cost and effort for interface development and maintenance to a significant degree.
  2. Modular
    solutions are modular and configurable. Our platform philosophy reduces your operating costs while maximizing application possibilities.
  3. Cloud & Mobile
    solutions are available as cloud and mobile applications, thereby enabling access to applications and data anytime and anywhere.
  4. Advanced Analytics
    Advanced Analytics solutions are drivers of growth. Intelligent data analysis provides you with a basis for the developmentof new business fields.

Added Value

VIVAVIS offers added value with the following solutions:

  1. Metering
  2. Power Grids
  3. Smart Districts
  4. Water
  5. Industry

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