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Smart District Solution

Smart City becomes Reality

A ”smart district“ comprises the total of all smart, digitized and – in terms of energy supply – decentrally organized assets.


The central challenge in the implementation of smart districts is the integration of new technologies into existing business processes and their synchronization, and to ensure compliance with the required security standards.

As a rule, organically developed infrastructures must be intelligently exploited as well as redeveloped and digitized in several stages. This requires soft- and hardware that can be flexibly scaled and expanded.

A central database as a single source of truth (SSOT) is elementary for the implementation of these goals, enabling efficient meter/sensor-to-cash processes.

The smart districts of the future are facing the following challenges:

  • Energy management
  • Customer acceptance
  • Submetering
  • Coupling of sectors
  • E-mobility
  • Automation

Our Solutions for You

  1. Automatic Data Transmission from Meters and Sensors
    • Smart districts and buildings are based on the acquisition of data through field instruments.
      • • Metering
      • • Submetering
      • • IoT-sensores
    • These data are transmitted from the enQube smart building gateway to the central data platform IDSpecto.DAYOS (Single Source of Truth), where they are further validated and normalized.
  2. Integration of Electricity & Heat Generators and Storage Facilities
    • It is also possible to use enQube to collect data from combined heating and power stations, PV installations or other contracting facilities and to transmit them to the IDSpecto.DAYOS data hub.
    • With a view to an increasingly decentralized power generation and the envisaged targets for climate protection, these measures help you in making your investments future-proof.
  3. Visualization & Management of Real-Estate Assets
    • The Efficio energy management system enables the mapping of
      • standards der DIN ISO 50001
      • • analyses of installations
      • • analyses of consumer behaviour
      • • benchmarks for installations and real estate (KFW55)
    • Furthermore, the IDSpecto.enVIEW customer portal enables you to check your own power consumption, the tenants’ share in power consumption or your CO2 footprint, as well as providing tips on how to save energy.
  4. Value-Added Services
    • Simple value-added services can be implemented locally via enQube or centrally in the VIVAVIS cloud.
    • IoT expansion of the gateway technology by LoRaWAN, as well as the IoT  head-end system for IDSpecto.DAYOS enable the emulation of countless applications in VIVAVIS.
    • Moreover, ACOS NMS includes an asset management system with takes into account different types of batteries, as well as service lives, designs and technical data of sensors, thereby enabling you to profit from a comprehensive Digital Asset Lifecycle Management.
  5. Environmental Management & Monitoring
    • Efficio offers the detailed tracking of measures, thereby enabling the implementation of the EMAS and DIN ISO 14001 standards. It can be expanded by additional decentalized sensors to measure noise, temperatures and air humidity, as well as carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and fine dusts, thereby enabling the mapping of applications, such as smart environments or district climates, by means of VIVAVIS.
  6. E-Mobility & Dynamic Capacity Management
    • In modern smart districts, you also have to take into account e-mobility and car sharing.
    • These concepts require a charging infrastructure for which the current power grid is not yet prepared.
    • With VIVAVIS Capacity Management the solution for these issues is right here!
  7. Demand Response Management
    • In the future, customer-oriented load management will become the core competency in smart districts and smart cities, not only for electricity but also for heating applications, with a view to integrated energy.
    • This is made possible by combining the expert systems Optimo and HIGH-LEIT.

Added Value

The DECODING IoT solutions by VIVAVIS decode complex and sophisticated processes, translating them into intuitive applications for intelligent public services in modern smart districts.

VIVAVIS is your partner – from engineering across the necessary bay and system components through to a modular overall solution. Anything goes, but nothing is a Must – you only use what you really need!

  • Interoperable & open system structure
  • Maximum flexibility thanks to a modular system of tools
  • Discovering new business models & added-value services
  • Innovative, adaptable and future-proof infrastructures
  • Highest data quality thanks to SSOT
  • From bay controllers to the customer – all from one source
  • One system – all measuring data. No matter from which source.
  • Completely cloud-capable.