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Our Products

Telecontrol and Automation Systems

With our products for telecontrol and automation, you are always on the safe side – also in terms of IT security. VIVAVIS offers perfect technological solutions for all requirements – individual, scalable and powerful. 


Our SCADA system is designed for application in energy and water supply systems, as well as wastewater, environmental and industrial applications. It is designed for a variety of challenges and individual requirements, as well as complying with the latest specifications. For the safe and flexible operation of all types of networks. Now and in the future.


With software and hardware by VIVAVIS you are able to receive, qualify, prepare and forward any data and measured values provided by meters, submetering or IoT sensors regardless of medium and function. Our systems suit energy suppliers on the regulated energy market, companies in industry and commerce as well as in the housing sector and always provide complete and verified data for many different use cases.

Station Automation & Protection

With our ACOS 300 series of protection equipment, you are ideally equipped for all kinds of challenges, e.g. for tasks related to overcurrent, earth fault and distance protection. Our station automation solutions are based on ACOS 750 and are ideally suited for low-, medium-, high- and ultra-high voltage applications.

Energy Data Management

Use our intelligent energy management system for cost control and cost transparency in order to increase energy efficiency and cut back on costs. For this purpose, VIVAVIS offers Efficio and Optimo – two professional tools to make energy data management more efficient!

360° Asset Management and Geo-IT

The VIVAVIS group of companies offers intelligent solutions for Geo-IT and asset management to master the challenges and exploit the opportunities of digitalization: Clear-cut, economical and safe.