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Automation & Telecontrol
For secure and fast remote access

ACOS RSU - Secure remote diagnosis and maintenance for your telecontrol and automation technology

The ACOS Remote Service Unit (RSU) enables location-independent mobile radio-based access for service purposes to the devices of the ACOS 7 series in compliance with IT security guidelines. This ensures fast response times in service and support and maximizes plant availability.


IT-security by Design

Provides secure maintenance access to ACOS 7 Series devices based on certificate-based authentication. Independent and non-reactive to the telecontrol communication infrastructure and device functionality.

Plug & Play

Mobile and immediately operational system including all necessary connection cables.

Your added value for secure remote diagnosis and maintenance

Fast remote-support

Fast remote-support

Great savings in cost and time due to remote assistance compared to costly on-site operations.
Low costs

Low costs

The acquisition costs have already been amortized after the first use of the ACOS RSU.


ACOS RSU meets the IT security requirements according to BDEW whitepaper 2.0.
Encrypted connection

Encrypted connection

Remote diagnosis and maintenance is performed securely and reliable via mobile communications (SIM card provided by the customer) over the Internet.



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Aktuelles Produktdatenblatt zu ACOS RSU im PDF-Format zum Download.