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Data and information are an important basis for daily decision-making processes and enhance supply security in the energy industry. The acquisition and analysis of data, such as filling levels, temperatures and energy flows, can be efficiently supported by suitable IoT technologies and tools. IoT sensors can be installed across large geographical areas in a cost-effective, targeted manner, enabling the collection of a wide range of data and information to supplement existing data. In this context, the central storage and standardisation of IoT data as well as their secure transmission to the target systems are important factors when it comes to providing the acquired data to stakeholders.

VIVAVIS IoT Hub acts as a secure bridge between the IoT environment and systems of the energy industry, distributing standardised data to evaluation systems. The VIVAVIS Dashboard allows for flexible configuration and enables the visualisation of the collected information. For in-depth data analysis, additional data analytics tools are available, including the YUNA data science platform from our subsidiary, eoda.


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Secure bridge between IoT networks and VIVAVIS expert systems

VIVAVIS Dashboard

Enables the rapid acquisition of information and decisions, by means of visualisation of data across different systems

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