IT Security for the Digitalisation of the Energy Transition

Electricity, gas or water – all these commodities are brought to you via pipes, poles and wires. Except in the event of outages, which nowadays are increasingly caused by attacks on the information and communication structures. Without modern, digital technologies, the production, transport and distribution of the aforesaid commodities are unthinkable – but these infrastructures have also become increasingly vulnerable. IT security in critical infrastructures can only be assured if all security layers – both individually and as a complete system – are sturdily protected against attacks from outside and from within.

In general, VIVAVIS is responsible to comply with the requirements specified by our customers and by the legal framework. Additionally, the products and services from VIVAVIS must comply with the recognised IT standards. As suppliers of technology for critical infrastructures, we take particular care to ensure the security of all products and services through ISMS-certified processes acc. to ISO 27001. Since the year 2013, the scope of our ISMS has been rolled out step by step to become valid in the entire VIVAVIS group.


IT security in telecontrol technology

Solution for the reliable operation of critical infrastructures

IT security in grid control technology

Secure operation solution for network control centres

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