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Partnerschaft Float IoT

VIVAVIS has gone into partnership with Float IoT

VIVAVIS and Float IoT have already cooperated in a couple of projects over the past years and realized, among others, projects with a major water supplier in Dubai. In February 2021, both companies finally announced their official partnership. VIVAVIS now is official distributor of Float IoT solutions in more than 15 countries.

Float IoT provides innovative hardware and software that can be integrated smoothly into existing infrastructure thanks to numerous interface options. Float’s battery-powered Wave hardware collects and transmits data from various sensors and meters to IoT Gatekeeper, Float’s IoT platform for Smart Water solutions. IoT Gatekeeper offers device as well as sensor management and the ability to both analyse and visualize data from the field. Float’s product offering caters to an extensive range of Smart Water use cases, including bulk and domestic metering, smart home, consumption metering, pressure management, leakage localization and more. At present, VIVAVIS projects mainly focus on stations, which do not provide any power supply, but are to record faults and capture meters.

We are looking forward to a successful cooperation with Float IoT!