Smart low-voltage grid management with the Smart Grid Operation Platform

With the VIVAVIS Smart Grid Operation Platform (SGOP), grid operators are able to meet the current and future technical challenges in ensuring security of supply in the low-voltage sector. It makes the low-voltage grid smart by combining the following action cycle of data acquisition, visualisation, analysis, knowledge gain, decision-making and action derivation into a closed control loop that runs automatically and continuously.

Our philosophy: The action loop

At VIVAVIS, we strongly believe in the importance of an end-to-end circle of action to successfully address the challenges in the electricity grid. This circle of action comprises five key components:

1. Capture data: The foundation of any grid stability solution is comprehensive data collection. Only by understanding how your grid works can you optimise it.

2. Visualise data: Visualising data makes it possible to grasp complex information at a glance. This is the first step towards transparency and understanding.

3. Analyse and learn: By continuously analysing the data you collect, you can identify patterns and trends. Learning from past events is critical to improving networks.

4. Decide: Based on the insights gained, you make informed decisions in the future to make your network more effective and secure.

5. Act: Implementing the decisions made is the crucial step to ensure grid stability and achieve the goals.

Our products: SmartDisplay, SmartPreview and SmartControl

1. SmartDisplay: This package offers comprehensive data visualisation and collection for a clear overview of your network status in real time. It allows you to map your network area as a DigitalTwin at the low-voltage level. Included are network statuses and the possibility to track work in progress, such as the earthing of network sections.

2. SmartPreview: This product combines the capabilities of SmartDisplay with the analysis and learning part. Create simulations and predictions based on expansion scenarios to make informed decisions on what actions to take in your network.

3. SmartControl: With this solution, in addition to the functions of SmartDisplay and SmartPreview, you can integrate flexibilities and control them in a way that serves the grid. By optimising resources, grid bottlenecks and overloads can be avoided.

Our products are optimally coordinated and designed to close your loop and make your power grid more reliable and efficient. The Smart Grid Operation Platform is not only designed to meet the challenges of the present, but also to prepare you for the demands of the future.

Your Contact Person for SGOP

Andre Kreuzer

Andre Kreuzer

Managing Director VIVAVIS Swiss AG

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