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Process control system EP2000 – innovative and reliable today and in future

The process control system EP2000 is well established in different sectors of the market. Thanks to its cyclic releases, it has proofed reliable for years. We will keep our release policy and continuously adapt the system to new market conditions of the different sectors.

Overview of current features. Behind the scenes, we already consider our next steps and prepare our process control system to meet future requirements. The modernization project we introduced at last year’s EP2000 user convention is the basis for further development. It was already fully included into the current development planning.

In cooperation with experts and expert systems of VIVAVIS, we currently develop solutions and interfaces for related topics such as asset and incident management or Redispatch 2.0.

Our main focus is using artificial intelligence (AI) to drive future-oriented topics of the water industry. We just started developing a machine-learning module that is supposed to help us taking new approaches for, eg well monitoring or predictive maintenance, by evaluating huge data volumes and detecting anomalies.

Besides providing information via classical telecontrol and automation, you may gather additional process information by connecting decentralized IoT sensors and a centralized IoT bridge quickly and economically to the process control system. This way you are able to enhance and refine the visualization of processes and add further details such as precipitation or door contact statuses. These are only a few possible application examples.

Would you like to learn more about how we are able to assist you with the recording and evaluation of information and thus improve process monitoring and control? Do not hesitate to contact Nico Brunner and email to or call +49 234 9325 0. Mr Brunner is looking forward to answer your queries.