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For more transparency and IT-security

CU71A - Data collected via IoT sensors from the cloud to the network control center

The Internet of Things (IoT) is increasingly digitizing everyday processes and at the same time is the basis for assistance systems based on artificial intelligence (AI). Information from these systems can also be relevant for network purposes or provide more transparency. In order to meet the high IT security requirements, appropriate links (bridges) are needed. The CU71A unites these two worlds.


IT-security by Design

With its extensive IT security functions (OpenVPN, IPSec, IEC 62351-3), the CU71A enables the implementation of regulatory requirements for secure network operation.


Keep systems up-to date with remote update capability and central management of firmware (patch management) and certificates.

simply multilingual

Extensive standardized protocol support according to IEC 60870-5-101/104, Modbus RTU/TCP, MQTT ensures interoperability and consistent efficient engineering in ACOS ET.

Easy Parameterization

ACOS ET enables central, simple, fast and secure engineering. With intelligent user assistance as well as functionalities for fast replication of typicals.


The CU71A provides extensive diagnostic functionality for network connectivity, process states, communications, traffic averaging, and device log.

Your added value for the network control center

High IT security

High IT security

The physical network separation, i.e. the use of the protocol, ensures a high level of IT security.
Low costs

Low costs

The use of low-cost IoT sensor technology has the advantages that a lot of relevant data can be collected and utilized with a low financial outlay.
More Data

More Data

Through the cloud, additional data is forwarded to the appropriate network control center.
Secure Grid Operation

Secure Grid Operation

With an ISMS implementation or a certification according to ISO 27019, a secure and reliable network operation is made possible.
Long-term investment

Long-term investment

With product features such as remote update capability or patch management, the CU71A is always up to date, making it a safe investment for the future.



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