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Metering information platform IDSpecto.DAYOS

One single platform for metering and IoT

By means of the metering information platform IDSpecto.DAYOS, not only meter operators with primary responsibility (German: gMSB) but also competitive meter operators (German: wMSB) are able to create a metered data platform tailored to the needs of their individual business model.
We offer a broad range of solutions – from automatic meter reading (AMR), integration of smart meters as well as smart metering systems to applications for district infrastructures and
Internet of things (IoT) such as submetering, climate and environment monitoring or energy management. You can flexibly adapt the system to demands of the German or European energy market.


IDSpecto.DAYOS is the bridge between classic automatic meter reading via point-to-point connections and acquisition of measured values provided by smart metering systems and smart meters via head-end systems. IDSpecto.DAYOS reconciles all information given by various applications and sources; information is reliably processed into data prepared and suitable for accounting and forwarded to connected processes or systems.

With its extensive automation approach, IDSpecto.DAYOS supports users in their daily work with guided processes and enables maximum efficiency even in case of increasing data volume.
Our system meets current demands made on IT security, data protection as well as data security and ensures maximum investment security.

The features listed below will assist you in facing the challenges posed by meter operation:

  • Customizable dashboard – quick overview on system status, processes and quality of data to be processed
  • Automated monitoring of standard operation
  • Extensive reporting thanks to numerous on-screen as well as offline reports
  • Quality assurance of data by means of extensive verification options
  • Calculation module with formula editor to calculate data points for load profiles and registers
  • Support of market compliant data exchange for electricity and gas (optional)
  • Audit-secure data repository and visualization
  • Multitenancy

Added Value

  • Easy administration of IDSpecto.DAYOS thanks to up-to-date web technology
  • Efficient end-to-end processes thanks to high degree of automation
  • One single system solution for smart metering systems and classic automated meter reading
  • Compatible with IoT platforms
  • Manifold interfaces to connect to other systems, eg for billing or ERP
  • Simple integration of various head-end systems
  • Scalable to businesses of every size