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Meter Data Management with IDSpecto.DAYOS

The smart metering solutions of VIVAVIS enable network operators in Europe to read, process and forward meter values. At the center of our data and process platform for smart metering is our powerful and versatile Meter Data Management (MDM) tool IDSpecto.DAYOS. In order to successfully manage the growing amount of data in the future, our focus is on scalability and a high degree of automation. At the same time, the solution pursues a multi-headend approach, which enables the connection of a wide variety of smart meter technologies, independent of line of business and manufacturer. Automated interfaces enable the connection of all relevant upstream and downstream systems and thus the implementation of energy industry process chains.


Meter Data Management

Cross energy IDSpecto.DAYOS brings together all the information from a wide variety of applications and sources, processes it reliably, and feeds processed, billable data to the connected processes or systems - from commercial processes such as energy or heating cost billing to grid-serving processes such as switching and load shedding. This is usually fully automated.

Operational management

IDSpecto.DAYOS provides comprehensive support for operations management. In addition to a technical monitoring of devices in the measuring field, a monitoring and evaluation of processes and tasks is carried out continuously to ensure efficient control operation.

User-friendly interface

The IDSpecto.DAYOS dashboard provides you with an overview of all processes associated with a transaction at any time and can be customized. This gives you a quick overview of all important information - from the overarching analysis down to the metering point, customer and device level.


Traceability is a central component of every highly automated process. To ensure high process quality, the IDSpecto.DAYOS offers a clear process monitoring. All native main processes and sub-processes can be monitored by the user, regardless of whether the process enters or leaves via the integration interface or whether it was triggered via in the web client.

Basis für Smart Grid Platform

With the increasing number of decentralized energy generators in the low-voltage networks, the requirements with regard to ensuring network quality are also increasing here. On the demand side, the emergence of new consumers, such as car charging stations or heat pumps, is also creating additional load and volatility. Our smart metering solution provides additional data from the low-voltage grid that is essential for creating transparency and for operational management. The implementation of grid-serving processes as well as new business models are possible.

Your added value for measurement data acquisition

Powerful data processing

Powerful data processing

The free scaling concept of the IDSpecto.DAYOS platform allows both secure metering point operation at municipal utilities and the evaluation of several million managed metering points. A comprehensive degree of automation ensures maximum efficiency even with increasing data volumes.
independent and flexible

independent and flexible

Thanks to the multi-HES adapter, it is easy to integrate different field technology into the system. An application-based integrator interface enables easy integration into surrounding systems.
Load profile visualization

Load profile visualization

The VIVAVIS smart metering solution offers the possibility to display measured values of different types and origins graphically and in tabular form. This offers not only the user the possibility to monitor and understand consumption and load curves, but also the end customer via the end customer portal provided for this purpose.


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