Advanced Network Management
Network planning manager

NPM – Network Planner and Manager

Urbanization is increasing steadily. Continuous investments are made in infrastructure to meet the needs of the city, aiming to ensure uninterrupted satisfaction of demands. Infrastructure investments should be sustainable, and enterprises should have continuous efficiency and improvement goals.

As infrastructure networks become more complex due the changing energy mix, it becomes increasingly difficult for Utilities to manually monitor and manage them. This is why there is a need for Advanced Network Management. Historically utilities mainly use SCADA and other Operational Technologies, however with the increasing demands of Business Intelligence in operations and the merging of IT and OT worlds, it is needed to provide advanced analytics and better KPI management platforms which can provide a centralized view of network performance data from all sources within the network and allow for better operational as well as planning KPIs.

VIVAVIS Advanced Network Management solution, NPM – Network Planner and Manager, provides enterprises with an effective and efficient infrastructure management opportunity.

This high-tech solution meets capacity and performance demands at every scale. With its modular structure, it creates a scalable and flexible operation management platform. The transition of the network to a digital platform allows critical asset, data to be monitored in real-time, and advanced graphic interfaces and methods effectively provide users with calculations related to anomalies, efficiency, and service quality.

NPM is a powerful tool that can help utilities to improve their efficiency and reduce their costs. Whether it’s for Electricity, Water or Gas networks, NPM offers provide a single pane of glass view of relevant network performance data from various sources which improve visibility, increase efficiency, enhance collaboration and help in improved decision making. The platform is customizable for every target group in the organization, whether it’s operations, engineering or administrative and management staff.  Further customers benefit with easy deployment with our ready-made dashboards and views which provide the ability to start effortlessly.


KPI Based network management

Quick overview of the overall network and operational performance, monitoring and management of the overall operation or specific sections of the network's operational performance through Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), dashboards.

Geo-based management

Display of network lines and assets with GIS (Geographic Information System), automatic updates, model simulations, real-time representation of network layers on a geo-based map.

GIS Integration and internal GIS engine

Live integration with GIS system, internal GIS engine for defining Operation area and other network facilities.

Heat map

For effective and efficient visualization, heat map applications on the map for measurements.

Real-time data monitoring

Integration with other systems in the operation for real-time data representation with high connectivity feature.

Data analysis, reporting, anomaly detection

Analysis of measurement and calculation data, reporting, anomaly detection, and optional enhanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) functions with advanced graphical and tabular interfaces.

Our video shows VIVAVIS contributions for more sustainability

As cities strive for sustainability, technology emerges as a linchpin in transforming water, electric, gas, and mobility infrastructures. In the water sector, smart monitoring systems enable real-time tracking of consumption, leak detection, and efficient water distribution, contributing to conservation efforts. Similarly, advancements in electric and gas infrastructures involve the integration of renewable energy sources, smart grids, and efficient storage solutions, fostering a transition toward cleaner and more sustainable energy practices. In the realm of mobility, technology facilitates the development of intelligent transportation systems, electric vehicle infrastructure, and data-driven mobility management, reducing emissions and enhancing the overall sustainability of urban transportation networks.


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