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For more flexibility in remote meter reading - Reliable Data Communication - at Low Cost! makes remote meter reading more flexible. Thanks to a wide range of interface options, can be used for decentralised reading and time- or event-controlled transmission of metering data from electricity, heat, gas and water meters. includes extensive security features, fulfilling all requirements on IP-based data communication. is also flexible with regard to installation: You can choose between a three-point housing and DIN rail format ( II DR).


Extensive Communication Technologies enables IP-based data transmission via DSL/Ethernet or mobile radio network, thereby ensuring excellent communication with different locations and enabling the use of nearly all available mobile radio standards - from 2.5G to 4G, which guarantees maximum bandwidth.

A Wide Range of Interfaces

Meters can be connected either via integrated serial interfaces acc. to CL1, RS232, RS485 or M-Bus Master (optional; wired or wireless). An adjustable and activatable direct-voltage output is available for the supply of external interfaces.

Security and Encryption

Data are encrypted and protected against attacks by means of cryptography and VPM.

Monitoring and Control

Various software expansions, such as and pro.monitor, provide a comprehensive overview of all available data. For this purpose, converts raw data into other formats (e.g. CSV); pro.monitor, on the other hand, converts output values and sends a message to the person in charge in the event of an upward or downward setpoint violation.


Customers can choose between conventional three-point housings for installation with a variety of meters, or a top-hat rail housing (modular system). II DR (DIN Rail) includes the most important functions of, as well as various expansion options.

Processing of Energy Consumption Readings

The PRM44 module replicates meter readings by means of energy-proportional pulses and can thus record and process energy consumptions.

Output of Switching Commands

The PRM44 module has four configurable PhotoMOS outputs for switching of DC/AC. This module is an expansion for the three-point housing of

Remote Meter Reading from VIVAVIS

In connection with the IDSpecto.ADMIN software, constitutes a complete solution for remote meter reading.

Your Benefits remote meter reading and data communiction

Universally Adaptable

Universally Adaptable

Thanks to a wide range of device drivers,, as well as its predecessor Skalar, enables the connection of a broad range of meters and sensors. Moreover, IDSpecto.ADMIN facilitates the connection of additional systems, like ERP or billing systems.
Saving Time and Personnel Costs

Saving Time and Personnel Costs enables simple and efficient meter reading, thereby saving personnel cost for reading and processing of data.
Reducing Costs and Effort

Reducing Costs and Effort

Given that is a communication device, it does not require smart metering systems but can be directly connected to installed meters. The three-point housing can simply be screwed onto the meter. The top-hat rail model, on the other hand, is usually installed in cabinets.
Making Structures Simpler

Making Structures Simpler

Raw data can be automatically converted and processed prior to their transmission, thereby saving separate processing effort on the user side.



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