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VIVAVIS Dashboard - A Quick Overview of Your Systems

With increasing digitization, a wide variety of information sources are available for applications today. As an overarching data platform, the VIVAVIS Dashboard offers the possibility of combining data from different data sources and linking individual data silos. This consolidation increases the information content and condenses the data into meaningful results in a data platform.

This data platform is also the optimal basis for providing information to an extended group of users who do not have or should not have access to individual specialist applications.


Connecting data silos

The unique selling point of VIVAVIS AG is that it offers a variety of expert systems for different applications. By consolidating the data internally with the VIVAVIS Dashboard, they can be linked together in a consistent manner. Measurement data from the VIVAVIS systems are also available in the VIVAVIS Dashboard without additional configuration after acquisition in the specialist application. A dedicated central database serves as the basis, in which all data is uniformly available. Intuitively configurable panels allow a quick insight into the data and enable relevant questions to be answered - without direct access to the specialist application environment.

High Data diversity

In addition to linking measurement data from VIVAVIS systems, external data sources (e.g. PostgreSQL, MS SQL DB, InfluxDB) can also be connected directly. Furthermore, information from RestAPI interfaces (e.g. weather data) can also be imported into the central data platform via an extension.

Display options

All available information can be used across the board in the dashboard panels for display. The VIVAVIS dashboard also offers the option of generating new information from the data by means of calculations. For example, an efficiency value can be calculated from the volume flow and the power of a pump and displayed as a graphic. In addition, water levels from the control system can be displayed together with current weather data and forecasts, as well as the calculation of historical mean values. On the basis of this, the viewer is enabled to recognize correlations and trends between water levels and environmental parameters and to draw conclusions for the future.

Provision of data

The VIVAVIS Dashboard is a modern and interactive alternative for sharing information. The central data platform creates the possibility to provide information to an extended user group outside and completely detached from the databases of the specialist applications and network environments. One possible example of use is to share the information via a separate web access to research projects at a UNI or to provide a dashboard panel with the plant-specific performance data (KPIs) for e.g. the management or other decision makers. Another example of use is the publication of information in the entrance area of an administrative building or on its website - always separate and without retroactive effect from the specialist application. Access can be made available to a separate group of users with adjustable access rights and individually provided scope of information.

Your added values for the optimal overview

Central overview

Central overview

Enables cross-system data representation by creating a central data platform.
High Data diversity

High Data diversity

Connects data silos together and lets you see connections.
Cross-system visualization

Cross-system visualization

Uniformly visualizes data from the network control system (HIGH-LEIT), the metering system (DAYOS), the EP2000 process control system, third-party systems and IoT sensors.
Clear representation

Clear representation

Data is optimally presented in the form of maps, tables, time series and status displays.
Protected Data

Protected Data

Platform for selected information and a separate user group by dividing the subject domain from the public/partial public domain.



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