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VIVAVIS IoT-Hub - The base for Smart Cities

The Internet of Things (IoT) involves the interconnection and exchange of data between everyday physical objects and the internet. This includes electric household appliances, devices for environmental monitoring (e.g. temperature and CO2 sensors), but also status indicators and sensors for the monitoring of events.

It is also possible to install specific sensors within energy supply infrastructures. These sensors provide, for instance, information on the state of transformer substations or on the filling level of elevated water reservoirs. Moreover, IoT sensors support the compilation of data for the establishment of Smart Cities; this includes, for example, devices for the monitoring of parking spaces and for the optimisation of traffic flows in busy areas, as well as the monitoring of vehicle charging points, to enable troubleshooting and improve forecasts.

VIVAVIS IoT Hub serves as a connection with IoT infrastructures and receives data from different sensors. Thereby providing a safe bridge between the different IoT networks and technologies on the one hand and the VIVAVIS expert systems on the other hand. VIVAVIS IoT Hub makes sure that the data acquired by the sensors are provided to the downstream expert applications in a standardised form. A first overview of the IoT data is provided by the VIVAVIS dashboard.


Grid Operators

The continually increasing share of volatile energy from feed-in plants puts high loads on trans-formers in local substations at peak times. These loads can be measured e.g. through the rising heat in the installed components. The installation of IoT-capable temperature sensors in local substations enable the early detection of bottlenecks, thereby facilitating the adoption of countermeasures before sudden failures occur.

Metering Point Operators

IoT Hub is the perfect complement to the IDSpecto.DAYOS Meter Data Management system because it enables further applications in the field of metering that go way beyond simple power and gas metering tasks. For instance, it facilitates the connection of heat meters of district heating transfer stations via NB-IoT or of other technologies to the meter data management system, and, consequently, the automatic reception of metering data on a regular basis.

Smart Districts

IoT Hub is particularly suitable for Smart Districts because it enables the acquisition of production and consumption data of the different residential units and the individual heating and ventilation preferences, including measurements of the air quality, to prevent mould and to enable the opti-mum utilisation of resources. Moreover, IoT Hub collects sensor data from Smart Districts, including sensors for parking spaces, for the filling levels of rubbish bins or for data from distributed renewable energy plants, and provides the compiled data to expert applications in a standardised form.

Water Industry

Whether it’s elevated reservoirs, stormwater retention tanks or pumping stations. IoT data help you to obtain a quick overview of your systems and installations, supply networks and their capacities. Thereby enabling a quicker response and early detection of possible leaks, malfunctions or abnormal weather events. For instance, IoT Hub transmits the measured data to the VIVAVIS SCADA systems or to the VIVAVIS Dashboard.

New opportunities

The VIVAVIS IoT Hub generally expands the view of existing processes in the business applications with new and previously inaccessible information. Data can be collected in places which previously were not available for data communication and for the acquisition of data which formerly was not economically viable.

Optimize processes

The development of new sites and databases sheds a new light on the existing processes, enabling the creation of new use cases and opportunities and generating a bigger information basis for further data.

Your added value for the basis of a smart city

Ensuring a Clear Overview

Ensuring a Clear Overview

Securely connects the Internet of Things with VIVAVIS AG products and solutions.
Continuous Development

Continuous Development

Forms the data basis of a multitude of new use cases.
High information content

High information content

Generates more information from the field.
Optimise workflows

Optimise workflows

Simplifies operational processes and thus ensures an optimized workflow.
New business areas

New business areas

Enables new services (both internal and external) and forms the basis of new business areas.



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