For flexible and automated remote meter reading

IDSpecto.ADMIN - Measurement data acquisition for all energy saving

Wherever a classic remote meter reading is needed, IDSpecto.ADMIN is the ideal solution. Grid and metering point operators benefit from a wide range of available meter drivers and modules, which flexibly enable an individual design of the system as well as a high degree of automation. IDSpecto.ADMIN is suitable for use in both the German and the European energy market and can be integrated into the MDM system IDSpecto.DAYOS.


Metering end to end

Thanks to a high degree of automation, efficient end-to-end processes lead to reliable data and its transfer to the market or to billing.

Intuitive GUI

A user interface, through which the measurement infrastructure can be configured and administered in great detail, facilitates access to all necessary data.

Capture reliable data

The automatic readout of the measuring field incl. Re-entry in case of missing data, ensures economical operation of the system

Reporting included

Comprehensive data output capabilities thanks to a wide range of standard as well as customized reports

Plausibilities checked automatically

Extensive checking options automatically verify data and flag implausible values.

Substitute value creation according to metering code

A calculation module with formula editor for substitute values according to common market standards ensures 100% data, even if the acquisition was not possible or values are implausible.

Send measurement data in line with the market

Support for market-compliant exchanges for electricity and gas

Multi-Client Capability

The service provider also benefits from the system by expanding to multiple clients.


With parallelizable services, the system is scalable to any size of business.

Driver quantity

With more than 300 meter drivers, the system offers maximum flexibility in the selection of your field devices.

Interface diversity

For interfacing with other systems such as billing, workforce and EDM, the system offers numerous, standardized formats. From a simple CSV file to a WebService API to map entire processes, everything is possible.

Your added value for measurement data acquisition

All divisions in one system.

Scalable (from small to large)

Support of all relevant metering protocols of all energy types

Economical due to full automation

Customised support for every user group

A Great Help for Grid Operators

  • 100% Complete data for billing and accounting
  • Additional acquisition of power quality data for network management

Benefits for Metering Point Operators

  • Complete data for accounting and balancing
  • All energy savings in one system, ideal for integrated companies
  • Free choice of field technology (meter and communication)

This helps the area network operator

  • Data of all energy types in one system
  • 100% complete data for accounting
  • General overview of all consumptions
  • Possibility to optimize the consumption



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