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Berg GmbH is the leading supplier of energy and load management systems. With the optimized integrated solutions Efficio® and Optimo, companies are able to operate in a carbon-neutral as well as economical way. Products and solutions by Berg GmbH help in increasing the energy efficiency of manufacturing industry and properties economically as well as ecologically thus enabling a sustainable future. Because the cleanest energy is energy, which has not been generated, distributed or consumed at all. The portfolio includes the complete package – from competent energy consultancy, solid as well as precise measurement and communication technologies up to professional software solutions designed to optimize energy costs. The energy experts of Berg GmbH offer advice on funding opportunities, exploit financing potential and search for approved funding. Hardware and software systems are adapted to customers’ needs and integrated.

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Energy Management
The energy factor is an increasingly important item in the balance sheets of the manufacturing industry. This is because costs for electricity, water, gas, heat or compressed air can have a significant impact on the value chain of an industrial company. Berg GmbH offers solutions for cost control and cost transparency with the intelligent energy management system Efficio to increase your energy efficiency and reduce costs at the same time. Optimize your processes, reduce your consumption and save CO2, energy, time and money. Energy Management 4.0 can do more than just measure, analyze, evaluate and report: With Efficio you uniquely integrate the complete energy management process in just one software – from strategy to implementation and evaluation.

As a basis for your valid energy data acquisition, we offer you a wide product range of electrical and pipe-bound media meters and network monitoring modules for customer-specific applications in various designs. Our digital measurement technology ensures transparent measured value acquisition – precise, reproducible and reliable. We offer suitable energy data loggers and gateways for pulse meters so that you can aggregate your recorded energy data and store it temporarily and synchronously. Our energy data loggers ensure that all consumption values are temporarily stored, automatically read out and integrated into our energy management software.

Energy Service
We offer professional energy consulting from the experts. As a full-service provider, we can help you with all your energy questions and concerns. We address your individual needs and advise you on all funding opportunities and the conditions at the BAFA Federal Office of Economics and Export Control. BAFA’s various subsidy programs are an important tool for identifying potential savings and identifying measures to improve energy efficiency in your company. Starting points for energy consulting are the areas of buildings and systems as well as user behavior. All proposed measures should, of course, be cost-effective.

Municipal utilities offer EMS for their industrial customers
Within VIVAVIS, we offer energy supply companies in particular an optimal tool with added value with the energy management solution Efficio. The customers of your municipal utilities can simultaneously ensure transparency in energy consumption and secure tax benefits. This opens up numerous up- and cross-selling opportunities as well as valuable information on your customers’ energy usage. Your municipal utility increases customer loyalty with the “Energy Optimization” service and your customers get transparency on energy consumption behind the billing meter. Efficio is fully multi-client capable, so each of your customers can access only their information.


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