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A perfect match for digital added values – VIVAVIS cooperates with data science specialist eoda

The partnership between VIVAVIS AG and eoda GmbH is a further step towards keeping our promise to make everything available from one source. This partnership helps to deepen our knowledge of the trendsetting market for data science and AI. Megatrends such as e-mobility, renewables or smart cities currently boost the relevance of grid and energy management. The considerable expertise of eoda GmbH in machine learning and implementing algorithms in productive systems is an important key to success.

Experience and innovation – working together for lasting customer benefit

Two companies have the same goal of being perfectly prepared for the age of digital transformation. This way experience benefits from innovation and vice versa.

VIVAVIS is a synonym for decades of competence in infrastructures and infrastructure-related IoT topics. Thanks to more than 150 years of know-how gained by all VIVAVIS companies involved and long-standing partnerships with companies in energy, industrial, housing and municipal sectors, VIVAVIS offers reliable (integrated) solutions for grids, metering, districts, industry and water management.

Having eoda GmbH on board means VIVAVIS can count on an innovation leader in practical application of data science. By means of AI and machine learning, together we will exploit the potential of our customers’ data and develop strategies to use this data sustainably. With its innovative approach, eoda GmbH helps customers to increase profits, reduce costs and improve processes.

Both companies agree on one thing: data is the key to lasting success.

Dynamic grids require transparent and flexible IT infrastructures

One of the biggest challenges placed by the sectors grids and metering is to balance volatility of low-voltage and medium-voltage grids that are caused, for example, by integrating generators of renewable energy. Regarding power supply, there is an increasing demand to introduce flexible real-time offer and demand.

Thus, solutions and approaches based on data science are becoming even more important. Among other things, these solutions and approaches target at further improving grid forecasts by providing even more details as well as implementing more dynamic and more intelligent systems. “Grids are ever-changing systems and thus we require systems that are able to adapt to permanently changing conditions,” says chief data scientist Oliver Bracht, eoda GmbH. Data science helps to automatically collect, standardize and interpret information provided by different sources, sensors and meters and make it available for users or other systems. This enables simple and optimum control of all power generators, every electrical consumption or storage.

Water as a resource – natural but volatile

Resources such as energy, land and water are running low. Integrating IoT sensors and data science enables long-term forecasts regarding water consumption. These sensors also help to identify and repair possible damages to pipes (leakage) in good time. Customers will benefit from the cooperation between VIVAVIS and eoda with regard to proactive detection of insidious processes and looming leakage among other things. Furthermore, IoT sensors and data science also facilitate and optimize maintenance processes in water supplies. Data science and machine learning technologies enable water suppliers to reliably forecast unexpected peaks in consumption, detect leakage earlier, plan maintenance measures more in line with demand and thus prevent bottlenecks as well as reduce costs in the long run.

Solutions for districts – smart cities are becoming reality

Future cities will become smart and interconnected to improve urban centres with regard to cleanliness, security and stress. In district solutions, data science may play a role in climate and environment monitoring. VIVAVIS district solutions support energy suppliers, municipalities, energy companies, public utilities as they monitor air quality, public areas in general, climate data of buildings, public infrastructures – churches, schools or other public institutions – and thus help to, for example, prevent mould or optimize heating strategies. This facilitates sustainable management as well as maintenance and eventually improves the quality of live. Data science technology noticeable improves the recording and evaluation of climate and environmental data, which enables systems to independently issue warnings in case of critical values and react more quickly.

Take action to prevent problems

Data science enables you to detect and resolve problems before they take effect.

With eoda GmbH, VIVAVIS AG found a strong partner who gives fresh impetus to our philosophy of decoding the future and focuses on maximum customer benefit. The integration of data science into our portfolio has already started the development of new and intelligent services for VIVAVIS customers.

The participation of eoda GmbH at the VIVAVIS energy day in February 2021 was the starting signal for a promising cooperation. This “perfect match” really has a lot to offer. Our next newsletters will tell you more about future projects and how cooperation develops in practice. Stay curious!

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eoda GmbH, based in Kassel, was founded in 2010. The German company is an expert in data science. More than 50 employees serve more than 200 medium-sized and major companies in all sectors. Thanks to a holistic portfolio consisting of consultancy, projects, software and training, eoda GmbH helps companies to sustainably profit from data-based solutions.

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