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Submetering and more with enQube

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Our smart building gateway as intelligent data hub

Be it smart building or smart city – enQube optimally meets the demands of submetering and digitization of processes at energy suppliers, industrial enterprises and municipalities. The smart building gateway collects metered data provided by manifold sensors, meters and power units and forwards it to other applications. Up-to-date technology standards facilitate daily business and improve processes. Integrated logical functions and additional features open up manifold new options – eg recording of time series or evaluation of measured values including notification in case of exceeded limits..


With the integrated GSM module, enQube is able to use GPRS, EDGE, and LTE (2.5G, 2.75G and 4G) for remote communication. It guarantees maximum bandwidth and availability by using the optimum data service. Alternatively, you may also operate the gateway via Ethernet/DSL.

Important features:

  • IP based data transmission via mobile network or ETHN/DSL
  • secure data transmission via OpenVPN, IPsec or TLS
  • reading of wireless M-Bus devices in accordance with OMS standard

Added Value

  • Independence from third-party systems and metering service providers
  • Decentralized logic and alarm functions enable value-added services
  • Comprehensive data security
  • Remote communication and maintenance via mobile service or internet
  • CLS ready and routing feature – option to connect the SMGW