Solutions for Submetering and for the Monitoring of Smoke Detectors

Become completely flexible – from reading to billing

The sub-metering solution from VIVAVIS is an interoperable and manufacturer-neutral platform for the acquisition of consumer data from submeters in residential and commercial properties for all utilities. The range of devices to be connected is quite large, from heat meters to heat cost allocators and energy meters, as well as a large variety of sensors. It is also possible to use a mix of cable-based and radio-based devices. The system can be perfectly integrated into the processes of e.g. meter operators and housing associations, thereby ensuring maximum cost efficiency right from the start of the project. In addition to the “classic” submetering subjects, VIVAVIS offers monitoring of smoke detectors (Type C). Your smoke detectors are integrated into the same system as your submetering hardware, and you will receive the respective monitoring reports according to your requirements. The VIVAVIS submetering solution supports not only standard technologies, but also the use of the CLS channel and bundled solutions.

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Functions and features

Data Acquisition via a Wide Range of Meters and Sensors
In addition to heat meters, cold and hot water meters or heat cost allocators used in submetering, it is also possible to collect data from other devices, such as electricity meters, temperature and air humidity sensors, smoke detectors or door contacts.
Flexible Infrastructure for the Transmission of Measured Data
Setting up a radio infrastructure is done using enCube II - a smart and durable gateway that is able to communicate via numerous different transmission paths. Depending on which technology you are using, you may even include range extenders and repeaters.
Central Data and Process Platform
The IDSpecto.DAYOS data and process platform is at the heart of our submetering solution; it acts as a central data storage and realises all processes required for the reception of metered data from gateways or other infrastructures, from the acquisition of data to their validation, calculation and check for completeness to transferring standardised data to the connected systems. IDSpecto.DAYOS is available as software as a service (SaaS) in our German computer centre and can also be used as EMP system.
Consumption Data Portal
As an option, it is also possible to expand our submetering solution to include an integrated multi-utility consumption data portal for end customers, thereby enabling you to provide consumption transparency and to comply with the legal information duties.
Billing - Do it Yourself or Outsourcing?
Internal or external billing systems can be connected via the open data interfaces of IDSpecto.DAYOS.

Your Benefits for Submetering and for the Monitoring of Smoke Detectors

Monitoring of operations

Monitoring of operations

Clear and comprehensive overview of installed devices with regard to e.g. readiness for service or manipulation.
More efficiency

More efficiency

Thanks to remote meter reading and billing, efficiency in the billing of heating and operating costs are considerably increased.
High compatibility

High compatibility

Device drivers are available for a wide range of standard meters.


Interoperable interfaces are available for the connection to applications like ERP or billing systems.


High investment security thanks to operation with smart metering systems/SMGWs via the CLS interface.

Customised support for every user group

This helps the consumption-based billing

Acquisition of sub-metering/consumption data in residential and commercial properties for consumption-based billing.

This helps the heat and electricity contracting

Acquisition of consumption and generation data as part of heat and electricity contracting.

This helps the tenants’ sub-metered electricity consumption

Acquisition of consumption and generation data in tenants’ sub-metered electricity systems, using the appropriate billing rules.

This helps the ultimate consumer portal

Provision of consumption and generation data in the shape of an ultimate consumer portal.

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