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enQube - Smart Building Gateway as Intelligent Data Hub

Flexible, compatible and powerful – enQube facilitates the acquisition and transfer of data in a wide range of Smart City and Smart Building applications. Its extensive range of functions is designed for the digitisation of processes of energy suppliers, industrial companies, municipal utilities and the requirements of submetering. With the aid of LoRa® technology, enQubue transfers data from a multitude of IoT sensors and devices – even if they are installed at remote locations that are hard to reach. Added to that, enQube has an extremely low power consumption, and easily fulfils the special demands of information concentration in submetering. This enables the easy and reliable transfer of data from the field to central processing features, such as the VIVAVIS Dashboard, as well as the monitoring of decentralised processes.


Real-Time Data Acquisition

Via applications integrated in the device, both meter reading and quality data, such as temperatures or flow rates, are collected every minute or second, and are evaluated based on individual sets of rules. enQube II automatically sends the acquired data to the system or directly to you (e-mail) at adjustable intervals, by means of push method.

Up-To-Date Communication Standards

Apart from LoRa®, enQube II also uses the latest IP communication with a wide range of mobile radio standards: enQube II is capable of transmitting data both via LTE (4G) and GPRS/EDGE (2G), selecting the network with the most suitable bandwitdh.

A Wealth of Reading Possibilities

Apart from LPWAN, it is also possible to use wireless M-Bus for meter and sensor reading. In addition, it is possible to use wireless M-Bus and wired M-Bus simultaneously.

Alarm Functions

In the event of suspicious values, enQube emits a real-time alarm signal - e.g. via e-mail - to the system or directly to the customer, thereby enabling the quick detection and elimination of irregularities, such as leaks.

Remote Service and Configuration

enQube II allows for easy and comfortable configuration from your office desktop. For that purpose, the technician only needs to install the device once. After that, you can carry out maintenance works, firmware updates or new configurations either via your desktop or in an automated many - even without a separate back-end system.

Independent and Interoperable

Systems from VIVAVIS master the languages of more than 500 devices. You can either use your existing system, or IDSpecto from VIVAVIS.

Your Benefits for Submetering and Environmental Monitoring

Saving Time and Personnel Costs

Saving Time and Personnel Costs

Thanks to its simple configuration, you can save loads of time in the configuration of enQube. Maintenance, firmware updates and new configurations can be done remote and automatically in an easy and comfortable manner, without requiring extra staff for these tasks.
Reducing the Risk of Damage

Reducing the Risk of Damage

If suspicious data are detected, a real-time alarm is emitted, thereby preventing large-scale damage caused e.g. by leaks or other environmental impacts.
IT Security - Sure!

IT Security - Sure!

enQube ensures comprehensive protection and IT security through data communication via OpenVPN, IPSec or TLS via web services.
Reducing Costs and Effort

Reducing Costs and Effort

Thanks to its interoperability, enQube can be used with your existing system or in combination with a VIVAVIS solution.
Ensuring a Clear Overview

Ensuring a Clear Overview

Thanks to the free tool, data can be converted and transmitted e.g. to the Efficio energy monitoring platform for evaluation.



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