Solutions for the Controllable Local System (CLS)

Generating added values through intelligent control and submetering

In the future, smart meter gateways with a CLS (controllable local system) interface will help to flexibly integrate consumers and generators into the energy market and advance the energy transition. Different devices can be connected to the CLS interface for control and submetering. IDSpecto.CLS-Operator and the FNN-compatible control box STBF24A offer all possibilities to realize a secure, BSI-compliant communication link into the customer’s system and to integrate systems into a network control – also in the low-voltage network – or into metering. In this way, services and business models for a large number of market participants can be implemented economically, quickly and in compliance with the law.

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Functions and features

Implementation of a Secure Communication Pathway in accordance with BSI/TR Directives
The TLS communication link established by the SMGW is terminated by the IDSpecto.CLS Operator in accordance with BSI regulations. Thus, a tunnel is established which enables access to the devices installed within the Controllable Local System, thereby fulfilling all requirements on the active external market partners (EMP).
Communication Terminals for every Market Partner
CLS Operator serves as a central interface for any given system wishing to access CLS devices via a Smart Meter Gateway.
Gateway for the Power Grid
Using the IEC 60870-5-104 interface, any network control station can be connected to control boxes in a BSI-compliant manner and applications such as network-serving switching in the low-voltage network can be effectively implemented.
Gateway for Submetering
With IDSpecto.CLS operator, you also benefit from a BSI-compliant security level in submetering.
Time Synchronisation Included
Control boxes need the exact time to be able to execute a schedule accurately. IDspecto.CLS operator provides a service for this purpose.
Group commands from a ADM system are split up into control signals for individual control boxes by the IDSpecto.CLS Operator.
Asset Management
Control boxes can be grouped to plants including their master data such as plant power or reducible power.
All measures and actions requested within or via the system are logged in an operations log in a revision-proof manner.
All statues of all CLS devices, from communication through to the channel status, are observed and visualised by means of a monitoring function.

Your Benefit for Power Grid and Metering Point Control

Investment Security thanks to Secure Communication in accordance with BSI Requirements

Investment Security thanks to Secure Communication in accordance with BSI Requirements

The system complies with the specifications of the TR0309 directive, thereby enabling future-proof system operation in accordance with the latest BSI regulations.
Clear Overview of the entire Metering and Control Field

Clear Overview of the entire Metering and Control Field

A web GUI provides an overview, including the monitoring, of all bay controllers and their status, in order to enable quick and efficient responses in the event of faults.
High Degree of Automation

High Degree of Automation

Using WebService interfaces, any surrounding system can be integrated quickly and cost-effectively to fully map the processes surrounding control boxes and CLS devices.
Interface to GWA System

Interface to GWA System

An important aspect is that the GWA, too, is automatically integrated into the system via interface, thereby ensuring the cost-efficient utilisation of the system.
Multi-Client Capability

Multi-Client Capability

Interesting for the service aspect: Cryptography and application can be set up multi-client capable and allow any service scenarios in the CLS environment.

Customised support for every user group

Apart from the gateway administrator and the passive external market partner, IDSpecto.CLS Operator – as active external market partner – constitutes the third systemic component of smart metering. Whether you operate metering points or power grids – the Controllable Local System (CLS) provides operators with all functions that are required for smooth and trouble-free operation. Suppliers and housing companies can also profit from the system’s capabilities.

Grid Operators Metering point operators Suppliers Housing companies

A Great Help for Grid Operators

No matter if you operator distribution or transmission networks, or need to control charging infrastructures or feed-in plants cc. to the German Renewables Act (EEG) – the IDSpecto.CLS Operator offers flexible and cost-effective solutions for switching and control operations in the low- and medium-voltage grid.

Benefits for Metering Point Operators

The key-issues paper of BMWI (German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology) and BSI (Federal Cyber Security Authority) stated that the Smart Meter Gateway constitutes a safe anchor for the implementation of further applications via this communication route. The paper underlined the use of the CLS channel as the best option in this context. Whether it is sub-metering, IoT applications, remote system control, the pure WAN connection of any type of system or the connection of a charging infrastructure: IDSpecto.CLS Operator provides the necessary tools for the economical implementation of use cases for both competitive and normally responsible metering point operators, and for the successful and future-proof digitisation of the energy transition.

Benefits for Suppliers

Suppliers, too, will be able to benefit from the value-added services of CLS. For instance, it is possible to generate additional business cases for flexible tariffs and multi-utility metering, but also for Smart Home, Smart Building or Smart Services applications. In all of these contexts, IDSpecto.CLS Operator is a useful tool for the economical and efficient realisation of your goals.

Benefits for Housing Societies

Do you want to record and systemically process data from heat meters, cold and hot water meters or heat cost allocators, as well as from other devices such as temperature and humidity sensors, smoke detectors or door contacts? IDSpecto.CLS Operator enables you to efficiently forward data to your back-end systems – including those from VIVAVIS – via a secure communication pathway where they can be further processed and fed into an operating cost billing system.

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